Tuesday, May 01, 2018

Midnight Meme Of The Day!


by Noah

When "The Illustrated Encyclopedia Of Great American Assholeness" is written, Paul Ryan will not be on the cover. That will, no doubt, disappoint him greatly. Paul Ryan has obviously dedicated his entire life to being the biggest asshole in America but he will just have to add not being America's #1 Asshole to his long lifetime list of failures.

Washington, is, of course, a long-running Asshole Contest. Paul Ryan can take some consolation in that he will at least get some prominent positioning in the encyclopedia. His 2018 Tax Scam efforts, his desire to damage the health of as many Americans as possible, his pro-pollution efforts, his efforts to keep wages low if not lower than ever, his dream world where the middle class is completely destroyed and all but the 1% have to work 3 jobs not just to make ends meet but to survive... all of these things that Ryan will be known for when the history of this era is written are a worthy attempt but they just fall short.

Just two weeks ago, Ryan, a model pretend Christian, fired the House Chaplain. Apparently, Ryan didn't like one of Chaplain Patrick Conroy's prayers because it expressed American ideals of economic fairness and justice. Nice try, Ryan. Rev. Conroy has some American values and lives them. You don't. You never have. We know that makes you happy, so settle for that.

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At 6:40 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I kind of think that ryan lives true American values while that reverend, parasitic by definition, does not.

If American values were altruism, we'd have a government doing altruism.

In fact, americans elect a government of misanthropes who ratfuck those who elect them... constantly... to a chorus of cheers... always. To me that equates with what American values truly are.

"By their fruits (deeds) shall ye know them". I think I might have read that somewhere.

If that reverend were useful to mankind, he wouldn't be living the life of a grifter selling imbeciles myths and fairy tales for their tithes.


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