Sunday, April 29, 2018

Trump Tries Smearing Tester


Señor Trumpanzee has never been one for nuance, so when Putin's moron disguised as a president tweeted to his equality stupid supporters that Jon Tester should resign... well what more could anyone expect. He's un-nuanced and he's a more... but he has an instinct for savagery... and he senses what he perceives as blood in the water. He was bellowing on Saturday morning that the "great people of Montana will not stand for this kind of slander when talking of a great human being. Admiral Jackson is the kind of man that those in Montana would most respect and admire, and now, for no reason whatsoever, his reputation has been shattered."

So why doesn't Trumpanzee renominate him to be head of the Veterans' Administration? Sam Stein made the same argument:

Johnny Isakson of Georgia is chairman of the veterans’ affairs committee and a pretty right wing Republican. On Saturday, while Trump was smearing Tester and demanding he resign, Isakson was voicing support for Tester. Trump won Montana 279,240 (56.2%) to 177,709% (35.7%). In 2012 Tester was barely reelected-- 236,123 (48.6%) to 218,051 (44.6%) against Republican Denny Rehberg. He originally defeated Republican incumbent Conrad Burns in 2006 even more narrowly, 198,302 votes (49%) to 195,455 (48%). Trump's goal Saturday was to fire up the Republican base in Montana so they would come out and vote against Tester in November.

In fact, right-wing groups allied with Trump have already been smearing Tester with misleading ads, like this one:

Isakson may or may not have found out that Trump was spreading his poison by tweet when his office said he didn't have a problem with how Tester had handled the Ronny Jackson affair.
“Senator Isakson has a great relationship with Senator Tester,” a spokeswoman for Isakson told CNN following Trump's tweets on Saturday. “He doesn’t have a problem with how things were handled. I don’t know for sure but highly doubt he’s seen the president’s tweets this morning.”

Tester’s staff compiled a report on the allegations against Jackson, which cited claims made by more than 20 people, including an accusation that Jackson "wrecked" a government vehicle after becoming intoxicated at a Secret Service going-away party, and a claim that he drunkenly banged on the hotel door of a female staffer during an official overseas trip during the Obama administration.
Trump, of course, is trying to imply the allegations against Jackson were made by Tester. They weren't-- and Tester made that clear at every point. They testimony against Johnson were made by men and women who worked under him and they were being investigated by the committee. "Tester, against Trump's criticism and backlash from other GOP lawmakers, has maintained that his actions are 'not political.' ...I am focused on making sure that we have the best person possible to run the VA,' he told Politico. 'It’s a very, very important agency.'"

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At 6:47 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

For Ronnie jackson:

At 11:49 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Not a big fan of Tester or his state's politics.

But this is typical trump bullying horse shit lies.

When we get our hitler, everyone who rubs the dick-tater wrong will just be marched in front of the official white house firing squad, which will convene at the viet-nam wall on the mall. Blindfolds will not be provided. I bet Donnie and eric will volunteer to shoot.

At 12:42 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

If Tester wasn't so vulnerable in Montana, it would be Heitkamp or McCaskill. The GOP must be worried about losing the senate and wants to do anything and everything possible to reduce that possibility.

They would do better just to ask the DSCC to play nice and roll over for them. That would likely work better.


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