Tuesday, May 01, 2018

American Civilization Is Fighting An Uphill Battle Against white Evangelicals' Tendency To Choose Make-Believe As A Self-Justification For Well-Honed Ignorance


-by Frank Schaeffer

White evangelicals grew up on a theology that trains people to be those who can’t tell the difference between reality and make-believe. They then opt for make-believe again and again because fantasy is kinder and more malleable than reality. No wonder they embraced Trump’s lies.

White evangelical Trump supporters are now addicted to their ignorance, doubling and tripling down on it, digging in their heels, unwilling to surrender their inner fantasy-land and clinging to fantastical certainties utterly unarmored from any verifiable reality.

Here’s what is at stake in beating back Trump’s supporters’ anti-reality: Our instinct to survive and thrive in the real world is being attacked by the evangelicals’ instinct to dismiss the real world as the enemy of their magical thinking that thrives only by branding facts as ‘fake.’

Evangelical Trump supporters’ dissociation from reality is the enemy of civilization that depends on orienting citizens to a common fact-accepting reality. American civilization circa 2018 is thus fighting an uphill battle against white evangelicals’ tendency to choose make-believe as a self-justification for their well-honed ignorance.

Civilization used to be a bulwark that kept us from rolling faster and faster toward self-justifying ignorance of the kind evangelicals now have perfected in order to believe the unbelievable about everything from the universe, to Trump, to sexuality, to climate change.

What drives evangelical Trump supporters’ magical thinking is self-insulation from hard truths and an appetite for pretending they are “dealing with” political problems by saying, “Only people who don’t believe as we do have those problems! You must become like us or burn forever! Convert!”

Evangelical Trump supporters’ personal burden of inner proof gets lighter and lighter through a vicious cycle. Evangelicals’ theological make-believe magical thinking bolsters their general ignorance which, in turn, liberates them to… indulge in more make-believe magical thinking. As such they are the greatest threat to American civilization we face.


Without white evangelical voters’ support:

Trump is just another mobster crook whoremaster con-artist selling gold-plated failure as success to the gullible.

With white evangelical support:

Trump is the president of the United States of America, busy tarnishing our country forever.

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At 11:06 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Xtians seem to feel that Revelations is a script and not a warning. They should have to watch To Serve Man until they figure out that sometimes a book isn't what the cover indicates.

At 6:16 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The author is correct, partly, about evangelicals' propensity to live in a fantasy world. He doesn't do much more than scratch the surface as to why.

But, worse, he conflates evangelical with white and with trump supporter.

Not all evangelicals are white. I know a few black and latinx evangelicals and they are, if anything, MORE magical-thinking than the white subspecies. Most of them do not support trump, but would eagerly worship at the altar of pence.

By the same token, a lot of white evangelicals also don't support trump individually, would worship at the altar of pence, but orgasmically support all the misanthropic endeavors of the Nazi party, including and especially those things that ratfuck themselves and theirs... partly because they live in their imaginary world where god loves them more than anyone else.

The problems of and caused by evangelicals have been around for thousands of years. When and where religious delusion becomes pandemic, humankind enjoys the fruits of hate, war, genocide, oppression, torture, imposed ignorance, prejudice, destruction and hallucinations of divine nature.

Give a highly religious population a lot of nukes and you spell the end of mankind and the planet that has suffered from us for 300 millennia. It's human nature.


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