Friday, March 02, 2018

Corrupt Conservative Democrats Insist On A Strict Impurity Test In All House Races


Let's replace Trump & Ryan-- but not by empowering garbage like Steny Hoyer

As the leader of the House Dems, Pelosi didn't really have much of a choice-- unless she wanted to cause a rift in the Democratic House caucus-- but to publicly back Lipinski... and she did. I remember a similar race in Maryland where a progressive reformer, Donna Edwards, was challenging an extremely corrupt conservative incumbent, Al Wynn. Hoyer was all in for Wynn and Pelosi knew how to play the game and backed him as well. When Donna kicked his ass an became a congresswoman, Pelosi bent over backwards to bring Donna into leadership and make it clear she was happy Donna was in Congress. (Needless to say, Wynn immediately took a big-paying job on K Street, selling access to his old colleagues on an hourly basis, as whores tend to do.)

Laura Barrón-López had an interesting perspective at the Washington Examiner yesterday: A Dan Lipinski defeat could spur future primary challenges. Yes! Perhaps nothing something Pelosi-- or most incumbents-- would appreciate, but something really and truly needed by the increasingly pathetic, increasingly geriatric party she heads. "If Rep. Dan Lipinski (D-IL) is beaten by his progressive opponent in next month’s primary," wrote Barrón-López, "liberals are hoping it sends a signal to other potential candidates that they can take on an incumbent from the left and win." This liberal sure is!
A number of Democratic lawmakers have attracted challenges from the left but few are as endangered as Lipinski, and he’s receiving no help from the party apparatus.

With influential progressive groups in her corner, businesswoman and nonprofit executive Marie Newman is closing in on the seven-term congressman.

It's three weeks out from the March 20 primary and Lipinski is in the fight of his career. The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee has held back on endorsing him despite promises, reported by Politico, that it would do so. Members of the Blue Dog Coalition, which Lipinski co-chairs, have bristled at the snub by DCCC and are stunned by their Democratic colleagues fundraising for his opponent.

Progressives see Newman’s bid as a test. Does the Democratic Party believe a woman’s right to an abortion is a core principle-- Lipinski opposes legal abortion-- and can a progressive oust an incumbent Democratic congressman?

Those rallying behind Newman, argue that Lipinski doesn’t represent the district’s views on a variety of policy issues. In his time representing the solidly blue district, Lipinski has voted against LGBT rights, abortion rights, the Dream Act, and the Affordable Care Act.

“It’s not just Dan Lipinski, but there are Democrats in blue districts across the country that do not represent the policies of voters in those district, whether it’s about holding Wall Street accountable or whether it’s about Medicare for all,” said Waleed Shahid, spokesman for Justice Democrats. “This is really going to send a message to those Democrats that they should be held accountable and watch their back.”

Shahid criticized Democratic campaign arms for trying to clamp down on grassroots candidates, making it harder for them to secure resources and access. But so far, few challenges from the left against sitting Democratic lawmakers have gained steam.

If Newman wins, Shahid predicted, that could change, especially in future cycles.

“Marie Newman and the organizations that have endorsed her have shown tremendous courage to stand up to that [Democratic] machine,” Shahid said. “If Marie Newman wins it will send a big shock wave and there will be more of this stuff happening.”

For freshman Rep. Ro Khanna of California, who endorsed Newman, the race captures the split among Democrats on the issue of abortion rights in particular. As party leaders welcome Democratic candidates who oppose abortion rights, arguing that to win back majorities they have to have a big tent, progressives and powerful reproductive rights groups have grown in number.

Khanna equated Lipinski’s anti-abortion stance to someone who might support racial segregation. “I don’t think we can support someone who does not believe in the legal right to reproductive choice,” Khanna told the Washington Examiner.

Khanna said he respects members' personal faith and views on abortion but that the party shouldn’t tolerate those who vote against abortion rights.

“It’s too important an issue to consider the electoral politics,” Khanna said. “Would we put up a candidate in a swing district who believed in the Muslim ban, and say, ‘Well, that’s just the politics of the region?’ Absolutely not.”

“This is a question of what does the party stand for? Do we believe that a women’s right to choose is a fundamental human right that should be a core principle of this party?” Khanna continued. “I believe it should.”

Rep. Jan Schakowsky of Illinois said the contrast between Newman and Lipinski compelled her to get involved.

“I’ve never endorsed against a member of Congress, an incumbent, before,” Schakowsky said. But Newman’s pro-abortion rights, pro-LGBT, and progressive platform attracted the Illinois Democrat.

Schakowsky, a member of DCCC leadership, said she never would have endorsed Newman if it threatened Democrats’ hold on the district.

But a number of Democrats are frustrated by the party’s handling of the race. The DCCC’s decision to remain out of the race and not endorse Lipinski baffled not just official Blue Dog members, but moderates in caucus.

“Not getting involved is getting involved,” said Rep. Tim Ryan (D-OH). "I hope we’re not going down the road of purity tests.”

“DCCC should be protecting its incumbents,” said Rep. Scott Peters (D-CA).

Lipinski didn’t want to comment on the DCCC’s reticence to support him, instead saying his constituents are “very, very happy that I’m not a rubber stamp.”

The Chicago Democrat brushed off questions about Newman’s attacks on his voting record, saying he’s confident about his re-election. Lipinski pointed to his poll numbers, which internally put him ahead of Newman by 30 points.
Goal ThermometerFor a little background... Tim Ryan and Scott Peters are both conservative Democrats. Ryan spent his whole political career opposing Choice, mostly because he didn't have the guts to say he was pro-choice. Peters, one of the richest men in the House, spent his helping the Republicans increase economic inequality. Using the phrase "purity tests" means only one thing: making the Democratic Party stand for nothing at all, just a machine to enhance the career goals of politicians regardless if, like Lipinski, they oppose everything that draws anyone to the party. These arrogant politicians think people flock to them because of their charm and that shared values mean nothing. That's their own vanity and it's bullshit. The Democratic Party, at least on a grassroots level, does mean something and politicians like Lipinski, Ryan and Peters would very much rather it didn't. Yesterday, writing for the Texas Tribune about the hard-fought primary in TX-21, Patrick Svitek, reported that the contest between the progressive, Derrick Crowe and the so-called "ex"-Republican, an establishment conservative shithead, Joseph Kopser, "has put on display a growing debate over whether the party should court disaffected Republicans this year, focus on getting their revved-up base to the polls or do some of both." Crowe put his finger right on the problem Texas Democrats have had in recent years as the party nominated one conservative asswipe after the other and then scratched their heads about why they always lose. "We have a turnout problem, and you don’t solve a turnout problem by trying to signal you’re a centrist, said Crowe, a climate activist and former congressional staffer. "You solve a turnout problem by giving people something to believe in."

And speaking of asswipes, the crook who ripped off Howard Dean and now systemically rips off every Democrat he can get his hands on, the infamous Joe Trippi, is running Kopser's sleazy campaign. "You’ve got to be able to win enough Republicans in a district like this," Trippi said," seemingly forgetting the Democrats win by turning out Democrats and persuading independents, not be converting Republicans (who have their own candidates). "Yeah, it might feel good to nominate somebody who can’t get Republicans to vote for him, but that’s all-- it’s going to feel good, but that’s about it." I don't know if Trippi gets extra pay by the word or not but he sure knows how to lather on the bullshit.

"National Democrats," wrote Svitek of the corrupt conservatives who run the DCCC and who have lost dozens and dozens of seats since they took over, "saw Kopser as fitting the mold for the kind of candidate they believe can win traditionally GOP districts in 2018." Sure they do, they look at him and it's like looking in the mirror-- and imagining they can win. Corrupt conservatives love Republicans and passionately hate progressives. They would always prefer to lose with one of their own and see a Republican win a seat than see a progressive win, more of a direct threat to their own corruption and "power." Needless to say Kosper was endorsed by one of the most personally corrupt men in Congress, K Street owned slimebag Steny Hoyer.

An e-mail from Derrick Crowe to his supporters today, further puts the lie to Kopser's and Trippi's call to "win" by abandoning progressive values. The primary is in 4 days, Tuesday, and early voting has been going on all week. "This primary election is blowing people's minds. Just a few weeks ago, political observers were dismissing the idea that the blue wave could happen here, saying Texas was 'blood red' and that 'the state is not gonna turn blue in 2018.' But after almost two weeks of early voting, Democratic turnout is 90 PERCENT higher than the last mid-term election in the counties for which data is available. In fact, more Democrats have voted early than Republicans... If we do this right, we can move into the general election with a Democratic ticket focused on building a country that works for everyone, not just corporations and the rich. But everything comes down to the next few days." See that thermometer above? Please help progressive candidates like Derrick, Jason Westin, Hector Morales, Rick Treviño, Dayna Steele and Lillian Salerno by clicking on it and contributing what you can.

Elliott McFadden, former head of the Travis County Democratic Party and also a candidate, knows just what a bucket of slops Hoyer is. He told the Tribune that "Washington Democrats are trying to pick our candidate for us. And the candidate they’re pushing turns out to be a former Republican, now a corporate friendly executive who sits on the board of the most powerful conservative business group in Texas. What a choice!"

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At 10:59 AM, Blogger Alice said...

Does no one on Capitol Hill understand that this is NOT just another "wave" year? That people are really truly angry, and NOT just with Trump. Does no one understand that the record of 2009-2010 was NOT good enough and that when Democrats get power again we expect real progress. I think that Bernie understands this, or at lease has some idea of it, but does anyone else?

At 11:11 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

How much more clearly can it be stated that the DINO-Whig Party is too corrupt for redemption? This bastion of bastards cannot be reclaimed from within, because they make up the rules as they go, control how the cards are dealt, and they possess the bank. How are you going to win with a hand of low cards?

There can be no alteration in the Party until enough of the support it now demands of the registered members has left them behind in favor of a new option. Bernie showed how it will be done. IF he had walked out of the Coronation, the victory would now be his. It will now go to the one who recognizes that the process Bernie used needs to be mated to positions that the voters will support. Build it, and they will come.

At 12:06 PM, Blogger Alice said...

OK Anonymous, I see you on this blog all the time saying how hopeless the Democrats are. Fine. Peachy. Why waste your time here on a blog which is dedicated to the proposition that the Democratic party still represents the best vehicle for change? Why not participate in online communities dedicated to building alternatives to the Democratic party? Are you just a little threatened by the possibility that Blue America could succeed in its self appointed task?

At 12:17 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anonymous at 11:11am is a troll that seems to want to stop people from voting. (More likely it is someone paid, probably by Brock's neo-lib outfit, and is just earning a few pennies to troll.) I am not sure why DWT was chosen for such a consistent attack as this is probably one of the last places where you will find readers willing to give up voting because someone repeats 'democrap' or 'DINO-Whig' over and over.

One of these trolls ostensibly claims we should be voting 3rd party, but I have never seen any names offered as an alternative to the Dem candidates DWT supports.

At 1:09 PM, Blogger Alice said...

Anonymous 12:17 I think that you are on to something,

At 3:43 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

All three of you deserve the DINO-Whigs as your Leedurs! You are as blind as you are ignorant.

At 5:18 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Completely agree with Alice and Anon at 12:17. I have urged the troll to find another blog to try to ruin. Very tired of hearing about democraps and $hillary and all of that ridiculous crap. The troll is just a downer and needs to just GO AWAY!

At 10:10 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

If someone doesn't agree with you call them a name and advocate censorship. The Dem party still endorses an undemocratic Super Delegate system, and fixed primaries against Bernie? Know the difference between a Troll and a Canary. Optimism has it's place but so does historical experience.

At 7:48 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Alice, you ask a pertinent question. I'll try to answer.

DWT seems to have a fairly decent audience and the BA slate SEEMS to be fairly progressive. It is this confluence of weight that we (11:11 and me, maybe a couple of others) wish to reach because it might just have the potential to MEAN something.

To us, it has been clear that the democraps are irredeemable. As the DLC showed, it is trivial to take a more-or-less decent coalition in distress, appeal to human greed, and forever corrupt that coalition. I know of no cases in history, short of revolutions, where a thoroughly corrupted coalition was brought to heel either by just appealing to their better angels or through altruistic insurgencies.

When you think about it, trying to reform the corrupted democraps is kind of like trying to violate the second law of thermodynamics. It cannot be done.

What historically has worked is a new coalition/party/movement that coalesces, usually around one very contentious issue (like slavery), and pancakes whatever group, if any, was seen as ineffective.

I realize that a lifetime of inculcation with the binary political meme is difficult to repudiate. And that resistance has already cost the liberal/progressive political movement 35 years in stasis. But our hope is that we reach a critical mass of epiphanies such that a new left coalition can start to form.

DWT and BA could be a real help in this, should either/both have that epiphany.

As 11:11 said, Bernie had it all right in front of him yet he turtled. We need a catalyst, as do all "revolutionary" meme changes. Bernie isn't it. Maybe Howie and Noah and their readers CAN be.

"WE" have already wasted 35 years. What's another few minutes to reply here?

At 8:58 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"The rise of populist parties such as the [National] Front [France] is in part a symptom of once-powerful parties across the political spectrum losing their traditional support base, most notably the traditional left that was popular with the working class."
-Nick Robins-Early

Kind of sounds like a certain corporatist Party too many here at DWT cling to slavishly.

At 8:21 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

also, the French tend to be much more savvy than americans. been there. I know.


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