Friday, March 02, 2018

Midnight Meme Of The Day!


by Noah

OK, tonight's meme isn't strictly a meme, but it is a statement of importance and meaning that is a quick read and gets its point across succinctly.

Dick's Sporting Goods has received a wake up call and acted appropriately. As they say in their above statement, they legally sold the accused Parkland shooter a gun, not the gun that was used in the killing of 17 people and the wounding of many, many others that we don't hear much about, but a gun just the same. Importantly, Dick's Sporting Goods realizes that it could have easily been them that sold the mass-murder weapon. Assuming you aren't mentally disturbed yourself, imagine how you would feel if you had sold the gun, sold it legally no less, that had killed all of those kids and the 3 teachers. Imagine if you were the individual.

Obviously, Dick's Sporting Goods doesn't want that blood on the hands of any of their employees or board members. Their refusal to sell war weapons is a step in the right direction. They will still sell other guns that can kill but not the ones that can kill so many so easily so fast, before anyone even has time to react.

Gun nuts, pro-gun nut politicians, deliberate misinterpreters of the 2nd Amendment, and the anti-social subversives at the NRA will detest the statement of policy change from Dick's Sporting Goods, but, in the larger picture, the company's move is good business. Why? Simple. If 1,000,000 teenagers can be motivated to march on Washington in a few weeks, imagine what will happen after the next mass-shooting or the one after that.

I'm not talking about law changes. When it comes to the bribe-talking, suit-wearing douchebag politicians that populate the Hou$e and the $enate, I expect nothing but the worst. That is who they are. No, what I am talking about is, sooner or later, there will be another mass-shooting and the American public will find out the name of the store that sold the murder weapon for such a high profile nightmare and we will find out the name of the clerk who sold that weapon, legally or not. That store and clerk will face more public anger than the Parkland deputy who didn't enter the school and all those people who saw all the warning signs and did nothing put together.

If you are a business that sells weapons of war in our new and overdue reality, do you want the kind of reaction that is coming to some business in the future? That would be very bad for business. Do you want the boycotts? Do you want your headquarters surrounded by marchers? Do the CEOs want to have to worry about people knowing where they and their families live? That's the direction we're headed in and it's the right direction. It's part of the social media world of instant information. These companies need to wake the fuck up. To not do what Dick's Sporting Goods is doing will be, or should be, bad for business. We can make that so.

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At 1:10 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Who else presumes that all these retailers who are modifying their gun sale paradigms are doing so ONLY because of fears of lawsuits of victims of whomever they sell guns to?

If they stop all gun sales, then I'll give them the benefit of the doubt.

Never presume that a corporation is EVER doing anything out of pure altruism. You'll very nearly always be wrong.


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