Monday, February 05, 2018

Midnight Meme Of The Day!


-by Noah

Obviously, the Republican Party has taken gerrymandering way, way too far! We know that most politicians of every stripe will take money from just about anyone who offers it. Sometimes those offers run counter to the laws in our legal system (even if that seems not to matter). More often, the offers run counter to morality, but good luck trying to find even a school bus or large SUV full of moral politicians, let alone a whole legislative body. There is an even more dangerous line however, and the Republican Party has stepped over that line with one giant step towards treason.

Tonight's meme is really not a joke. When, like Nunes, you consider a foreign adversary your constituents, it's time for trials, convictions, and hangings. If we fail to do that, if we let these people off the hook with sentences to tennis camp, and their pensions, as we did with Nixon and his crew, we might as well fold up the country and turn it over to Putin, which seems to be the goal of Trump and his minions like Rep. Devin Nunes, Dana Rohrabacher, a Representative so well liked by Russian intelligence that they've given him a code name, and, not the least, House Speaker Paul Ryan, who has given so much aid an comfort to Nunes and his kind that he is every bit the co-conspirator. If there was ever any doubt that the Republican Party's goal is to create Moscow On The Potomac, that's over now. No matter what innumerable Republican Party buffoons and their sycophantic single digit IQ tools at FOX "News" say, the release of the Nunes Memo shows that as clear as can be.

The Republican Party claims that the Nunes Memo shows that the Steele Dossier was a Democratic Party operation aimed at Trump. They point out that it was paid for by the DNC. They deliberately fail to mention that its origins began with Republican money, spent by Trump's Republican rivals. They fear what further investigation of the claims in the Steele Dossier and the Mueller investigation might verify and lead to.

The most important real issue about the memo is that it is designed to discredit the Mueller investigation (even though Mueller is a Republican), but it is not really a classified document or a piece of smoking gun evidence. Instead, it is a contrived propagandistic opinion piece, a manufactured piece of "evidence". It's not a discovered document. It did, however, contain classified information that Trump eagerly declassified and released for all to see. He did it for political purposes at the minimum. At the maximum, and just as likely, he did it to allow his Russian comrades another look at some of our country's secret intelligence. Trump and his party have chosen Russia over the United States and its law enforcement and intelligence communities. They have sold out to the highest bidder. Trump, Ryan, Nunes, et. al. might as well have gone on prime time national TV and announced their allegiance live.

In releasing the Nunes Memo, the Republican Party has used its stated objections to the renewals of FISA warrants our law enforcement agents need in their investigation of Carter Page, a Trump campaign foreign policy adviser, as the reason for their release of their so-called memo. They claim the memo proves that Democrats are only out to get Trump (as if that was a bad thing). However, Page has been under surveillance for his Russian connections and the possibility that he is a Russian agent. Ask yourself why they would object to such investigations. Ask yourself whose side they are on. They are afraid of what such investigations might do to their boy Trump. They are afraid of how far the investigations might go and what they might reveal about all of them. Clearly, they are all in this up to their necks; the whole damn party. They are panicking. Trump and Rohrabacher aren't the only ones at risk of being uncovered.

Another figure in all of this is George Papadopoulos, another possible Russian agent, or at least a man also being investigated for his Russian connections. Papadopoulos has already plead guilty to lying about those connections. Why did he lie? There can only be one reason. The beginnings of the investigation of Papadopoulos even predate the Steele Dosier. Papadopoulos, like Page, is also a man that Trump once referred to as one of his key foreign policy advisors. Trump originally named 5 foreign policy advisors and 2 of them are now being investigated. That's already 40% and Trump's Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson, is one of Putin's best friends. Stay tuned for more.

The release of the Nunes memo is not the first time that Trump has revealed classified information to his Russian benefactors. He also he did it when he had the top Russian intelligence figure over for a post-election celebration in the White House oval office. That time the classified information even included Israeli secrets. Are there more times that we'll be hearing about. Is that what republicans fear most?

What we need now is for real leadership from at least a few good politicians and and media people who will stop being polite and stop playing games, and loudly and publicly admit and declare the fact that Russia has its tentacles so far into our political system that it needs immediate chainsaw treatment. If they don't, they are accomplices too. This is a war and the Republican Party has chosen the wrong side.

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At 10:06 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

What horseshit. Carter Page had boasted of being a Russian 'advisor' since 2013.

nunes is about as inept at this stuff as trump. But their base are the dumbest fucking white people in the history of humankind.

Of course, the democraps are not helping either.

The first casualty of total corruption is not truth, it's competence.

At 6:57 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"What we need now is for real leadership from at least a few good politicians and and media people ... If they don't, they are accomplices too."

Truly funny paragraph. Real leadershit is what the money has paid handsomely for. We'll never get real leadership as long as the money has bought real leadershit. And the money bought the media once Reagan (, Clinton, cheney, obamanation...) enabled it, so that part of the paragraph is even more of a delusion.

And, of COURSE they are accomplices. That's their job.

If a reversal is to ever occur, it must be done by voters. And, of course, voters still, after 4 decades, think voting for democraps will make it all better... some how... some day... eventually... in their dreams.

The money is giggling like a bunch of 3rd-graders over this, I'm sure.


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