Thursday, February 15, 2018

Midnight Meme Of The Day!


by Noah

Back on Monday, Señor Trumpanzee revealed the latest of his money-grubbing scams; i.e. his plan for repairing the nation's infrastructure. It's a scam sure to be loved by fellow grifters Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan. After all, it's a plan designed to maximize the potential for kickbacks through privatization of all things dealing with the nation's infrastructure. Every privatization deal will have a squadron of middlemen with their hands out. Pockets will be stuffed and that is the aim of this latest Trump scam. Successful conclusions will have nothing to do with it. Remember when Whitefish Energy that tiny 2 person Montana "power company" with hometown ties Trumpanzee Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke got the $300,000,000 contract to restore power in Puerto Rico? No? Oh, that's right, Whitefish Energy has 3, not 2 employees, if one counts the fact that Zinke's son is an intern for the company. To be fair, Whitefish assembled teams of linemen and sent them to the ravaged island. Their starting pay? $300 per hour. Whitefish's big backer? The Dallas-based HBC Investments, a major campaign contributor to the likes of Rick Perry, March Rubio, and John McCain. One hand washing the other. After 5 months of this privatization, 400,000 Puerto Ricans are still without electrical power and Whitefish fled home 2 months ago. Well done! Heck of a job!

For perspective, Whitefish is a just one "incident." Think of restoring power to Puerto Rico as equivalent to restoring power to Connecticut or Oklahoma, states with a similar population. Now, multiply the corruption and inefficiency of Whitefish Energy getting a privatization deal times every city and every state in the United States Of America. That's every power grid, every highway, every dam, every bridge, every airport, every sewer on the list. Hey, it's a gold rush of graft and more! Loot the treasury! Stuff your pockets! Bring your own armored truck and drive it up to the gates of the White House and the Capitol!

With that in mind, the creator of tonight's meme did some editing and rewriting of part of the outline of the infrastructure scam presented by Señor Trumpanzeey. Some might say that the editing and rewrite job is cynical, but, is it really cynical when it's the truth? Even Trump's calling his plan a $1.5 Trillion plan is a scam. What his plan actually outlines comes to $200 Billion. He talks about things like 20% of project cost grants to individual states. Problem is the states don't have the remaining 80% so there's no way to actually do the work, but, that's not the goal. The goal is just to hand out tax credits and cash, our cash, to friends and family for "start ups" that can never be; more of those huuuge 1, 2, and 3 people companies that just suddenly appear, only to disappear almost just as quickly. That handout money? It'll come from cuts to social programs that we fund with out tax dollars. We might as well all go to the bank, make a withdraw and hand it to Trump's cabinet members and other Washington dirtbags and their "associates."

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Meanwhile, the DINO-Whigs do nothing, see nothing, say nothing.


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