Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Midnight Meme Of The Day!


-by Noah

While most people this weekend were rightly pointing out that SeƱor Trumpanzee was continuing to defend accused abusers, harassers, and wife-beaters, while failing to even mention the plight of the women making the accusations, even if documentation and, in one case, a black-eye photo was provided, Trumpanzee managed to send out the above DACA tweet on Saturday. The DACA tweet is a perfect example of his pathological lying and how it helps form the alternate false reality that republicans choose to live in.

The Trumpanzee DACA tweet is a lot more than mere revisionist history, it is deliberate propagandistic obfuscation. It is completely historically incorrect. The most important point here is that the dates don't match up with the real world. DACA didn't even exist until June 2012 when our last real president created it. As for the four years previous to the creation of DACA, the lesser predecessors of DACA actually were passed by majority Democratic votes but halted by Republicans via filibuster. Historical fact shows who should really get the blame, not to mention that Trumpanzee didn't have to end DACA this past September in the first place. But, hey, the facts would get in the way of the Republican agenda.

Nevertheless, the rightwing media, have been running Trumpanzee's Saturday lie ever since. Rupert Murdoch's trashy tabloid, the New York Post, a print variation of the idiocy of FOX "News," offers a fine example of how the president's lies become false factoids that Republicans eagerly embrace without question or critical analysis. Just like what you would expect from any of the 70 IQ set at FOX "News," Trumpanzee's tweet is presented without any corroborating background, examination, or context. Thus, it becomes the creation of another Republican talking point based on a lie, designed to damage the lives of as many people as possible, a Republican value if there ever was one.

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jesus DWT, you too scared to post my reply?

How could the Rs, with 40, filibuster anything? Please 'splain to the folks why they Ds turned 60 into a minority in the senate for 2009-2011. You claim the Rs filibustered. It was the Ds. I've even named names in the past (Bayh, Nelson...) who gave it away to the corporations and the Rs.

DACA wasn't a thing until 2012? Innocent immigrant kids have been a thing for decades. Why didn't the Ds do anything any time they could? If you won't 'splain, I will:
Because they need the issue to win elections, that's why. That's why they don't fix anything any more, not even social issues. Marriage equality? Pot? The Ds leave it up to the states.

The DACA kids are the democraps' political speed bag that they bring out every 2 years to show the latino voters how evil the Rs are and how sainted the democraps are... yet when the Ds had 60, the house and the WH, nothing was done. 'splain that to the folks.

Now that it's normalized, nobody having done anything except a temporary sunsetted EO that was sure to be 'expired' (and was), and voters having moved further and further right... they'll all likely be deported right after the next election... even if the Ds screw up and get a house majority.

At 6:05 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Maybe DWT is as sick of reading the same bullshit you write about in every post as all of the rest of the us.

At 11:11 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I would hope that DWT (and even you) has a conscience and, eventually, will surrender the delusion and accept the truth.

History is full of times when ordinary minds blindly refused to accept paradigm shifts only because the truth was different than what they believed.

I support my assertions. History supports my assertions.

You may be sick of it, but you'll be much sicker if you never admit the truth to yourself.


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