Monday, January 29, 2018

Trump Crony To Brits: Hold Your Nose-- Trump Is Coming


Do you remember when Señor Trumpanzee insisted he wouldn't come to England unless he got to ride around with the Queen in her gold coach? He's made all kinds of crazy demands since then-- much to the delight of the Brits, who clearly don't want him. His latest is that Theresa May ban the planned anti-Trump demonstrations. England is no more likely to ban any demonstrations that they are to let the notorious pussy-grabber alone in a coach with the queen. The International Business Times reported over the weekend that the disgusting and widely abhored Trumpanzee "is refusing to visit the UK unless Theresa May can ensure that he is not met with protests." He's also whining about bad press coverage there, although it's unclear if one of his threats (promises?) is an insistence that media coverage of him be censored. He's such a revolting pig. Who-- but fellow fascists-- would even want him in their countries?
May told the US president that that was how the UK media operated and she could do little to change it.

Trump went on to say that he would not visit the UK unless there were guarantees that he would not be met with protests.

Advisers who had been listening to the phone call are reported to have been "astonished" at the demands.

Trump's complaints and demands are the latest indicator of the increasingly fractious "special" relationship between the UK and US after Trump pulled out of a visit to Britain.

The president had been billed to open the new US embassy in London in February but cancelled the trip citing his displeasure at its "off location" in south London.

The old embassy in Grosvenor Square was deemed a major security headache that could not be fixed, which meant a new building had to be put up somewhere else in London. It was eventually decided to relocate it to a more secure location, just a few miles away in the Vauxhall area.

Trump has stoked anger in the UK ever since he came to power nearly a year ago.

He attacked the Mayor of London Sadiq Khan in the wake of terror attacks in London, prompting the mayor to call for any visit by Trump to the UK to be called off.

Public disdain for Trump escalated further when he turned his anger on May.

She condemned him as "wrong" to retweet posts by members of the far-right group Britain First.

Trump tweeted back: "Theresa May, don't focus on me, focus on the destructive Radical Islamic Terrorism that is taking place within the United Kingdom. We are doing just fine!"

The prime minister called his bluff and, supposedly he's going anyway, at least according to The Sun, which speculated that over a million people are expected to hit the streets and give Trump the biggest protest since Charles I tried to destroy parliamentary governance and had his head chopped off by the New Model Army... in 1649.

The aim of one anti-Trump group is the "most incredible protest in our history" and top the million demonstrators who protested the Iraq War in 2003. Conservative media figure Piers Morgan, who had just interviewed Trump said he's like a "bull in a china shop" but warned the British public to hold your nose and allow the visit to help with bilateral trade talks. Morgan, a Celebrity Apprentice contestant, was fired by CNN. He told the BBC over the weekend that "We’ve got to be careful. We’ve given state visits to Vladimir Putin, President Xi, Robert Mugabe and Bashar Al Assad. Are we really saying Donald Trump is the one we end up banning? This is a man who this week has gone on a remarkable charm offensive to Britain, he’s said every time we need him militarily, he’s going to be there. He said on trade, he’s going to do a great new trade deal. Hold your nose if you don’t like him and put Britain’s interests first."

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At 3:53 AM, Anonymous Hone said...

To all Brits: get out in the streets and raise holy hell, a fascist is coming! Make a statement to the world and humiliate him.

At 5:40 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sounds like Piers Morgan is their Neville Chamberlain of the 21st century. If he thinks trump will honor his word on any trade deal or anything else, he only proves he's a total dipshit.

And how soon our predator in chief forgets the tongue bath Teresa may gave him when she visited just a few months ago. ungrateful pos.

Yes, Hone, I do hope the Brits show up where americans fear to tread. If they can mass over a million... his reaction will be hilarious. We could be the first to nuke an ally.

At 6:57 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

If I were British (and I'm not), I'd be asking America why they bothered to have a Revolution against The Crown if all they were going to do was recreate the reign of Nero. Then I'd tell America to keep their vile tyro home, because we don't want him fouling our land with his presence.

At 5:58 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anonymous at 5:40 a.m. Perhaps you didn't notice last week's marches when 1.5 - 2.5 million people (mostly women) marched in resistance to trump. American women do not fear to tread. You are either uninformed or stupid, not sure which.

At 4:13 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

5:58, I noticed. It was their second ANNUAL march. And the focus this year seemed to be as much the 'me too' thing as the pussy-hunter in chief. But at least they showed up, even if it's only once/year.

What we need is a 10 million person march once a week. Or many, MANY marches in the thousands all over the country, as in the viet-nam/nixon era. Sadly, that would also require some people to die (Kent State) which would ... never mind. It got more people out back then. It'd keep them home today (OCCUPY). We're pussies.

No. That wasn't meant ironically.


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