Saturday, January 06, 2018

Midnight Meme, Special Edition: The 12 Days Of Christimemes #11


-by Noah

You know how Trump voters all think that reality is all fake news just because it gets in the way of their paranoid and hate-filled fantasies? Their fake news thing is so bad that they think Hillary Clinton runs a pedophile ring out of the basement of a pizza shop in suburban Washington. They think Obama was born in a place they can't even find on a map. It's so bad that NASA recently even had to issue an official denial saying that our country is not running a child slave labor camp on Mars. This is what they believe, folks.

It's no wonder Repugs watch FOX "News" all day and night. But no myth of Trumplandia persists more than the all time Republican wackjob belief that the so-called moon landings were all faked. Now, just look at this Christimeme. As soon as they see this one, they'll be using it as proof positive that, yes, the moon landings were faked. If you know a Republican, chances are that they'll be pointing to this photo and screaming "If this doesn't convince you, I don't know what will! Look! He's not even wearing a spacesuit!"

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At 9:37 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Krispy can't be ON the Moon - he IS the Moon!


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