Friday, January 05, 2018

Midnight Meme, Special Edition: The 12 Days Of Christimemes #10


-by Noah

I would never make the mistake the Simpsons made and let a Republican into my house. If they weren't a threat to bust up all my furniture due to a lifetime of gluttony, I'd still worry about them leaving their slime all over, not to mention the smell that you'd never be able to get out of the seat cushions. What if Trump came to my house and left orange powdery stuff everywhere he went?

What's more, you just can't watch Repugs 100% of the time. They might break my radio so it's stuck on the station that gets Rush Limbaugh and then I'd have to take it out back for target practice. And, what would they steal? Would they start throwing all my books into the fireplace? I bet they'd key all my vintage John Coltrane and Muddy Waters records, too.

Yep. Best to not let them in. Although... If Paul Ryan showed up at my door, I could do a real service to the world. You see, I have a spacious crawl space down in the basement, and, I'm good with a shovel.

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