Friday, January 26, 2018

Midnight Meme Of The Day!


-by Noah

Who says we can't predict the future? 50 years ago, British comedy troupe Monty Python's Flying Circus showed us more than a mere prescient glimpse of the daily goings on with the Trump administration and any given hour at today's White House full of mental defectives. The Oval Office? Cabinet meetings? We don't need a taping system like Nixon's. We have the above clip. Monty Python nailed it.

Do you really think that people like Trump and Sarah Huckabee Sanders just appeared out of thin air? Nope. Sooner or later, Sarah, SeƱor Trumpanzee, DeVos, or any of them are going to be walking around smashing things and saying "My brain hurts" not just in private but on national TV. It's the intent of all of their Bizarro World policies anyway.

With Sanders, it will happen when she finally snaps completely and has to be led out of the press room with a needle in her arm. Maybe it'll even happen to Trump during Tuesday's State Of The Union speech. In a true moment of theater of the absurd, I can see the republican half of the congressional audience responding to everything Trump says by bellowing "My brain hurts" while they cheer and applaud their orange fatted idol. I can see them smashing their desks and chairs, chanting "My brain hurts" just like the poor soul in the clip.

Maybe, instead of repeatedly saying "I take the 5th" while he is deposed by Robert Mueller, Trump will just keep repeating "My brain hurts." Admit it, you can see it. "My brain hurts" should be the subtitle on anything any Republican says now. That's what I see whenever I see a republican try to form words.

I expect that "My Brain Hurts" should become the perfect Republican motto for the foreseeable future.

Meanwhile, until these defectives are gone and piled on the rotting scrapheap of history like so many of their antecedents, they are hurting our brains and willfully trying to crush the spirit of America and humanity itself.

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At 4:33 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

How long ago did Churchill say, in effect, that 'americans always do the right thing... after they try every other way first'?

He was wrong, of course. We americans probably will never do the right thing again, since the money staged their coup in 1980.

At 9:57 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Churchill was a vile man, sending thousands to die trying to realize his fever dreams of greatness. He was racist, and a bigot. Yet his portrayer is favored to win the Oscar for his performance in a historically-suspect film.

What the Japanese did to European powers was demonstrate to their respective colonists that they were a paper tiger and could be overthrown easily. The Japanese, however, didn't reveal that their plan was to replace the colonizers, not free the colonized.

What Churchill wanted was for the US to give the UK the ability to reclaim dominion over their Asian colonies, something FDR vehemently opposed. FDR's motives were suspect, as I believe his purpose in pushing the UK aside was to do like the Japanese and plan to replace the UK as the colonizer.

My point: It is only from the standpoint of the UK at the time Churchill uttered his snide observation that the US was doing the right thing. We'd entered the war on the side of the UK. Then we made the UK the lesser partner in the division of the spoils once the war was ended.

We never intended to do the right thing, no matter what we appeared to others -like Churchill- to be doing. We were no different then than Drumpf is now: USA first, all others last.


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