Friday, December 22, 2017

Midnight Meme Of The Day!


-by Noah

Once in a while, a panic-filled little worm of a politician lets slip what a certain bit of legislation is really all about, or at least, what is behind the frantic push for that bit of legislation. Such was the case with the Trump/Ryan Republican Tax Scam.

New York Republican Rep. Chris Collins let the mangy cat out of the bag when he blurted out the truth
My donors are basically saying 'Get it done or don't call me ever again'.
The Collins quote became the rallying cry of the Republican Party. At the same time, Utah $enator Mike Lee admitted that if the tax giveaway didn't come to fruition, "We might as well pack up and go home."

There you have it, in the words of two spineless cretins: The reason that Trump, Mitch McConnell, and Paul Ryan rammed their Tax Scam through Congress and down the throats of America, all without hearings. We can waste taxpayer money on all sorts of hearings but we couldn't have those hearings. The idea was to ram it through us like a sword before we knew what it was about in all its gory details. Even when that failed and the public became so aware of those details that 75% of the nation hated the plan, the Republican Party screamed "Fuck You" to the American people and passed their scam. They even managed to all but completely destroy the Affordable Care Act in the process. For Republicans and those who vote for them, that was a cherry on the top; might as well spread some cancer and heart disease around. The Republican Party might as well be giving away free cholera and ebola. They would first try to sell it, though, if only to raise the funds that would keep them in Congress where they can still get their pockets stuffed with corporate cash.

There's nothing in the Tax Scam that will make anything close to a significant improvement in the lives of 98% of Americans. No, instead, money will go from them and be redistributed upward to the top of the economic ladder and things will get worse, much worse. Think of Russia as the model that puts smiles on the faces of psychotics like Donald Trump and Paul Ryan. One $enatorial scumbag whore named Marco Rubio was so desperate for donor cash that he sold his vote for a meaningless increase of $300 in a child tax credit. He'll try to fool his constituents with that, but that piddling amount will essentially disappear when factored in with the rest of the Republican scam. Rubio sold cheap. Call girls on Capitol Hill get up to $2000 for a night.

Tax Scam 2017 has nothing to do with business growth. Corporations have already said they won't be re-investing the money they gain in pro-growth activities other than raising their stock value. If you can afford to buy stock, great, but most Americans can't and now that number will shrink. Who benefits by raising stock values? The CEOs, of course. CEOs are not incentivized to do anything but raise the stock value that raises their pay and their bonuses. CEOs have another name: Donors. When Republicans talk about donors threatening them, they mean corporate CEOs. CEOs are happy, now. How long before they ask for more again?

In 1965, CEO pay outpaced the pay of workers by 20 to 1. Sounds pretty outrageous, doesn't it. However, by 1989, after the years of Reagan altered our course, the ratio had grown to 59 to 1 and was in runaway mode with no attempt from either party to apply the brakes. By 2016, CEOs in America's largest companies were making an average of $15.6 Million in pay. The ratio over workers had grown to 271 to 1. The new Tax Scam will dramatically and exponentially increase that ratio. And, there will be plenty of kickbacks to those who made it possible. Those who made this possible will be free to call their donors again. Not to worry. Economic Inequality anybody? That is what we call oligarchy. The TAX SCAM was never for us. It's the biggest cash grab of all time. You were a fool if you ever thought otherwise. It was all for them; the politicians and their precious donors. Those who voted for the politicians who have done this to America must be so proud. So proud they should burn in Hell.

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At 4:49 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

This does contrast with the democraps.

They held gazillions of hearings, votes and such on pretending to give everyone health care, while they really gave insurance and phrma companies subsidies.

I don't know how many hearings and votes were done on dodd-frank, their pretense of regulating banks that are already TBTF and in clear violation of Sherman and other actual, you know, laws.

Other than calling CEOs in front of committees for sham grillings, they didn't do shit about bank fraud.
They actually did not do shit for torture. zero.
The STIM, a third of which were tax cuts, was their pretense of doing something about the $10 trillion crash. Only a few hearings on that.

So, yeah, the Rs hold sham hearings when they aren't going to do anything. But when they ARE going to do something, they just do it and don't bother with sham hearings.

At 5:41 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Isn't Putin going to be jealous when he sees that Trump, Ryan and the good ol' rich boys are even better at the kleptocracy thing than his gang? And it's all legal-like.

At 5:49 AM, Anonymous Hone said...

Our only chance is to get a progressive Congress in place in 2018, without the Blue Dogs and New Dems to undermine common sense efforts to get us back on track. Can this be done? Will the majority of Americans support such candidates? Can we last until the 2018 midterms?

An even bigger threat to our country right now, more than this heinous tax bill, is the cabal holding planning meetings in the bowels of Congress to schmear the FBI and Justice as criminal organizations and shut down Mueller's investigation. If this goes through, we are done. The extent of the Republican party betraying the entire country from soup to nuts is horrifying.

Obama had reinforced the idea that our country should always move on rather than look honestly at what occurred and hold an administration or corporations accountable for wrongdoing. He looked the other way and let down people of his own heritage - only of people of color, it seems, should go to prison. HE WAS WRONG. Obama never went after Bush, the cabal that planned the gin up to the Iraq War , the torutre against international law or the bankers that brought down Wall Street. Thus he held the door open for the travesty of what is going on now. If Obama had done what FDR did, we would not be where we are now. The American people are NOT children who should be protected from the truth or from the consequences of actions taken against democracy and of a criminal nature. Congress and Trump are UNAFRAID of any consequences. They are now laughing all the way to the bank. If progressives do wind up in the majority, the American people deserve to have public hearings and these traitors should go to prison. That is, if our democracy and the American justice system mean anything. Mueller's findings, if we are lucky enough to last that long, should be revealed in daylight.

Parallels to Germany in the 1930's anyone?

At 6:07 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hone, YOU tell me how it can be done with Pelosi, scummer, hoyer, et al guaranteed to remain. How will a few more progressive freshmen accomplish anything at all?

I've been making the point of the parallels to Germany in the '30s for years. Nobody listens.. or maybe nobody knows what I'm talking about. Either way, nobody gives a shit.

At 8:44 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

6:07 is correct, Hone. The DINO-Whigs are useless as an opposition party. Is is much more correct to describe them with a term from the 1940s: collaborators. I wish it were possible to do to DINO-Whigs what the French did to their collaborators. Let's begin with these historic videos:


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