Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Bye-Bye Matthew Peterson-- We Were Just Getting To Know You


-by Noah

As is made clear in the clip, here is a Trump judicial nominee, Matthew Peterson, being grilled, by a southern Republican senator no less, about his fanciful qualifications to be a federal judge. This after another Trump judicial nominee, Brett Talley, an apparent KKK sympathizer, who withdrew his own nomination, after it was revealed that his wife works for Trump at the White House and that he had only been practicing law for 3 years. These guys were so lame even a few Republicans looked at them sideways after all of the rubber-stamping of Trump's deplorable job candidates they've done already.

Appointing people who are uniquely and especially unqualified for their positions is all part of the SeƱor Trumpanzee style. After all, if Trump himself is the ultimate case of not being qualified for one's job, why would we expect him to appoint people who are ready to take on the responsibilities of the job they are given? This is a measure of Trump's contempt for us all, not to mention America itself.

We've already got a cabinet full of sicko clowns who were chosen for their position because they hate the very idea of the department they've been put in charge of. Hence, Scott Pruitt, who hates the very idea of putting the words 'environment' and 'protection' together, being confirmed by the $enate to be head of the E.P.A., Betsy DeVos, who has an obvious aversion to education, being named Secretary of Education, and so on. Then, there's the example of Trumpanzee's own family wedding planner, Lynne Patton, being named to oversee billions of dollars as Head of New York's Federal Housing Office. What could go wrong there, especially when her boss owns so much real estate in New York?

Clearly, Trump's appointments are all about destruction, mayhem, and money; all the more reason to appoint judges who don't just have zero respect for regulations and laws, but don't even have knowledge of such things. Most of these judicial appointments are for life, too. Think of the damage to our country; anything to make Putin and Xi Jinping happy. If that isn't what Trump is all about, tell me what is.

Matthew Peterson is such a complete farce of a nomination that the Peterson clip went full viral within an hour. I did think, however, that there was one very pertinent question that Peterson was not asked at his Senate hearing. I would have asked him if he had ever attended a law school. Peterson comes off as a 8th grader who's trying to fake his way through a surprise quiz. He demonstrates so much contempt for the law that he didn't even bother to bone up on the terminology. He's a perfect manifestation of Trump.

Truly, Trump knows "the best people."

UPDATE: Yesterday It Was Announced...

...that Matthew Peterson is now officially an un-person. The Regime has disappeared him, allowing him to "withdraw" from the lifetime judgeship they hadn't bothered vetting him for. The exposure of Peterson's and Trump's attempted fraud on the judicial system offers clear evidence that social media can, from time to time, have a positive effect in our society. Peterson faked it all the way to a Senate hearing but at least had enough of a shred of decency to admit his incompetence and lack of qualifications for the job and walk away, unlike the man who nominated him, who, as of this writing, is still occupying the Oval Office.

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At 11:08 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

When the Republicans finish destroying this nation, what is there going to be to maintain the value of the money they hoard? A dollar only means something because of the good faith and trust which allows people to accept a dollar, knowing that its intrinsic value is retained only through the willingness of others who trust their value will be returned when a trade is negotiated. Once Trump has destroyed this trust, and other people no longer are willing to accept a dollar because they have been cheated too often, of what value is that piece of paper then?

At 5:24 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Someone put in a lot of time syncing Trump to David Byrne!!!

It's probably too cerebral to show to any Trumpster.

At 9:52 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

11:08, that question has been salient for decades, since Reagan created the meme of ever-mushrooming debt in order to make millionaires into billionaires. How many billionaires existed in 1980? How many exist today?

Part of the equation for world investors is this: what else is there? Every investment carries a degree of risk. The lowest risk paper is the UST. Part of this is its employ as the world oil currency.

It's interesting that the biggest currency in total gdp is the euro, but the euro does not have a central bank to "guarantee its efficacy" and it is NOT the world oil currency.

China has been reticent to crash that party with its yuan, but that would be the primary opportunity for the world to leave the dollar. Except the Chinese hold a trillion + in USTs as an anchor, kind of, for their own currency.

So it's the dollar for now by default. The world has proven unwilling to change. If trump, a serial bankruptor, does his usual with the UST, there will be a worldwide economic collapse that will make 1932 and WWII seem like reagan's Grenada in comparison.


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