Thursday, November 16, 2017

Midnight Meme Of The Day!


-by Noah

I suppose that some may say that today's meme is, maybe, a bit harsh, or at least crass. So what. The other night, I was watching Bill Maher's show. He only had two panelists this time. Usually, there are three and at least one is of the Republican variety. Sometimes, that republican is able to pass as a somewhat sane or decent person, almost. Notice that I didn't use the word 'individual'. Republicans tend to not be individuals in my book. They march to their hateful, paranoid, greedy, holier-than-thou creed in lock step. Permutations in republicans are rare, very rare. If you don't like that I lump all Republicans together, you can bite me. We all go by our personal experiences and I go by my 60+ years of personal experience.

On this particular night, Maher's panelists were MSNBC's Chris Matthews and film maker Michael Moore. Maher then brought out comedian Sarah Silverman. In the interest of full disclosure, I am a fan of both Moore and Silverman. As for Chris Matthews, I'm sure I'd like his new book on Bobby Kennedy and I respect the experience he brings to the table but he's too old-fartish and guilty of narrow establishment thinking for me. Also, his contempt for progressives is obvious. My first impression of Matthews was when I saw him do an interview with then House Speaker Newt Gingrich back in the 1990s. There are softball questions and there are nerfball questions. Matthews was practically blowing him. How's that for an image you can't unsee?

During the course of Maher's show, the conversation turned to the idea of civility when dealing with republicans. That got my hairs up immediately. Let me put it this way: Civility is what got us to the point where we are today. The media was far, far to civil in its treatment of Trump and now look where we are. We have a president who is, by any sane definition, a clear and present danger to our country's place in the world, and our lives and very existence as human beings on this planet. For Trump, it's all about Trump. Ditto Ryan. It's all "I got mine jack and I'm taking more". When you encounter a snake, all it wants is a mouse to squeeze the life out of and then swallow whole. It wants a sacrificial mouse every few days and democrats just keep handing over the mouse. If you had three black belts in various forms of martial arts, would you just hand over your wallet to a mugger?

Silverman's show "I Love You America," apparently, deals with her going to places inhabited (infested) with Trump supporters and engaging them in polite conversation about issues. What a nice idea. The idea is that, when she leaves, the Trumpies will at least think she's a nice person, there was a civil dialog between two sides, blah, blah. Were any "minds" changed? Nope. The polls show by now that that isn't going to happen. In fact, 10 to 1, the Trumpies are sitting in their local bar right now laughing at that "little jew girl" who came to interview them. "She sure was nice, kinda strange, though. But, hey, the whole time she was here, I just wanted to grab her by the pussy." Good thing for Sarah that she brought cameras.

Goal ThermometerI saw Micheal Moore's show on TV where he sat at a table on a stage and spoke to an auditorium full of republicans about their support of Trump. These weren't politicians. They were what politicians like to reduce to "ordinary Americans." Moore was very civil. So was the audience. When the topic of race came up, he made sure to say that he didn't think those in the audience were racists. Really? The people who voted for a candidate who began his candidacy as the leading spokesman for birtherism and threw his hat into the ring by calling all Mexicans rapists are not, at least at some level, racists? The people who sided with the candidate of a party whose foundation has been built on racism for the last 49 years aren't racists? The people who say nothing and still offer their undying support to a man who has openly emboldened every white supremacy group in the land, even employing white supremacists in the White House, aren't racists? The people who dutifully tune in to Hannity every damn night so they can watch him defend racists and pedophiles (accused and recorded alike) and nod their heads in agreement? This was Moore trying to be civil. Like Silverman, he was naively trying to engage them. He was giving them a mouse. We are at war for the soul of the United States of America. Civility has no place here and now anymore than it did in Okinawa in 1945.

So, I come to today's meme. Fuck 'em if they can't take a joke, but, it's no joke. Paul Ryan is an American Terrorist. He dedicates his life to the financial and physical ill health of Americans every hour of every day, while living off of us. He's the ultimate parasitical hypocrite, having "sponged off welfare" to get where he is today: third in the line of succession, and now wanting to end, not just the Social Security program but the very idea of social security itself. He supports feeding our water supplies with lead, carcinogens, and any other toxins he and his party can think of; the very air that we breath, too. It's all to appease the bigger snakes who are his masters. He is giving them mice, and just like with democrats, we are the mice. The only difference is Democrats do it for free. Paul Ryan is that mugger who just wants you to hand over your wallet. He will then give the contents to his gang boss and get his cut. We should treat this man with civility? That's just what he wants. He's the snake who demands a mouse and civil people just keep on giving him that mouse to the point where there are no more mouses to give and the snakes get fatter and fatter.

There is a civil way to hurt Paul Ryan, though. Support real Americans for office; people who actually believe in what this country is suppose to be about.

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At 6:06 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Do you recall, on the event of the bushbaby's carrier photo-op wearing that captain codpiece get-up, Matthews gushing "We are all neocons now"?? Your 'blowing him' analogy was perfect.

The "terrorist" thing about the ruling junta is not apt, however. Terrorists are those with no power skeeeering other folks with no power for fun and the delusion that their dick is bigger than trump's.

This junta are nothing more than a kleptocratic, malevolent despotism. For whatever reason, the fa├žade of elections still seems to matter, so those below who still need to befuddle an electorate are somewhat reticent. THe democraps who can lose any election anywhere any time are largely irrelevant. Those in safe R seats march in lockstep with the junta.

At some point, very soon, the voters who would support the left will not vote in numbers sufficient to bother ANY R nor threaten their majorities. At that point, the junta will be permanently entrenched. Soon after, our illusory democracy will be moot.

At 9:57 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

But my question was: What are YOU doing (besides trolling Howie)? Who are YOUR candidates? Where is YOUR party? What is YOUR organization?

We have seen your answers: Nothing, no one, and none. Being an asshole on this blog seems to be your life's work.

At 8:21 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Green. period.


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