Thursday, October 12, 2017

Midnight Meme Of The Day!


-by Noah

With a majority of Americans, even some of those who had been conned by Señor Trumpanzee, now finally starting to catch on to just how dangerously severely mentally ill the Faux President is, and even a handful of people from his own party finally speaking the truth that the emperor has no clothes, I thought this cartoon fits for today. Trump's insanity, immaturity, and megalomania-induced chaos have now driven his disapproval rating up to a stunning 67% and it's escalating. Call it failing president, low ratings, sad.

Trump's own Secretary of State has called him a moron. Republican Senator Bob Corker, Chair of the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations, has now publicly exposed the real and present danger represented by the existence of a madman in the Oval Office, inches away from the nuclear codes. Reports of growing rumblings in the U.S. Capitol Building about the dangers of Trump are starting to boil to the surface.

Even Trump and Pence's campaign against NFL players who protest racial injustice and police brutality is starting to come apart as polls indicate that citizens are waking up to the fact that the protests are not about "the flag" and "the military" but racism. Ideally, more and more Americans will continue to see this campaign for what it is, an expression of Republican white supremacy attitudes. Let us hope that the cracks in the facade protecting the cancer that is Trump are like cracks in a dam, cracks that grow and multiply until the dam breaks, and even Trump's own party realizes that he's an even bigger threat to American values and ideals than outside forces (or even they) have been.

Of course, what will really motivate republican politicians to stop marching in lock step with their leader is the fear that they will be kicked off the gravy train in 2018 or 2020 if Trump's idiocy and lunacy continues to taint them. Corker, it must be noted, has only spoken the truth about Trump because he is not running for re-election and has the security of knowing that a cushy corporate of lobby gig awaits him. Other republicans continue to endorse Trump with their silence if not their words and actions. It's hard to imagine that any republican will ever resent Trump for his racial attitudes, attitudes that they share. They will only resent him for exposing the truth about their party and its policies, and thus endangering their jobs.

As for everyday Americans who voted for Trump, all of them were, at best, willing to overlook, his bankruptcies, his nazi sympathies, his friendship and business ties with our Russian adversaries, and his treatment of women, if not embrace those things, on election day. The majority of republican voters are still standing by their lunatic. Polls are, however, showing some erosion of continued support. It's fair to say, however, that the majority of them have no problem with the white supremacy stuff even if the other issues prove to be too much. But, the best of them will continue to deny both their racism and his to varying individual degrees while the rest continue to love their nutboy for it. It's all about their comfort zone. They will never give up their addiction to Señor Trumpanzee. Don't waste your time with interventions. As the cartoon illustrates, they are his largest supporters. They are the immovable bedrock core of the Republican Party.

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