Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Midnight Meme Of The Day!


-by Noah

Poor little cloying, Trump-worshiping, kiss-ass snowflake Pence. Playing the Simpson's Smithers to Donald Trump's evil corporate pig Mr. Burns, Mike Pence was so offended by people kneeling to protest racial inequality, injustice, and police brutality that he did his master's bidding and walked out of a NFL game on Sunday. His enduring love for his boss made it so easy. Being SeƱor Trumpanzee's number 2, he gladly staged his boss's requested publicity stunt by going to an Indianapolis Colts game intending to walk out in a huff as soon as someone dared to exercise a right that good Americans died for; and that's exactly what he did, accompanied by his handler/fake wife chaperone, and carrying his pre-written press release with him.

I don't know what species Pence is but I suspect his latin genus-species name would be something like Pencis Douchebagis. The very idea of Americans being against the white supremacy attitudes of his boss and his party scares the shit out of Mike Pence. It makes him soooo mad. Republicans whine on and on about people who kneel against racism, speak against racism, and march against racism. They are affronted. Racism has been their brand for the last 50 years. How dare anyone call them out on it, especially (in their eyes) those "uppity blacks. They call the kneelers ingrates and much, much worse, just as slave owners once called slaves ingrates for not appreciating the gifts of Christianity, housing, and food.

It never occurs to intellectual dimwits that the best way to stop players from kneeling would be to address the evils of racism rather than continue to institutionalize it and expand it, but, why would they when they can play racism for all its worth to drive Republican voters to the polls. Some call Pence's despicable action yet another distraction devised by the Trump administration to pull our attention away from their acts of mayhem, fascism, and corruption. However, calling Pence's action a distraction makes light of this administration's promotion of attitudes and policies that promote racism and injustice.

Trump, Pence and their supporters would have you think that this kneeling thing is about disrespect for the American flag, the military, the national anthem itself, and who knows what else; apple pie and motherhood, perhaps? They childishly bitch and moan about all this while seemingly two-thirds of their own party marches in the streets worshiping the flag of the traitors of the Confederacy and the flag of a man who killed 6,000,000 people in death camps. The rest endorse this behavior with their silent approval. This, folks, is the republican party of 2017. This is what they voted for, march for, and scream about on FOX and in their blogs. If you google their memes about players kneeling, you will be shown an overwhelmingly pervasive tone of Republican racism, right down to pictures of kneeling gorillas in football uniforms. That's one meme you won't be seeing here on DWT.

It's not at all surprising that Pence would do what he did on Sunday. He was once the Indiana governor, a state that, back in the 1920s, was fully controlled by the KKK from the Governor's office and its legislature on down. KKK attitudes have mellowed somewhat in Indiana, but they are still very prevalent, as KKK operatives have recently demonstrated and actively supported Republican candidates in the state. It's safe to say that those attitudes helped Pence get elected in the first place, and, it's no stretch at all to point to that as one of the reasons he was chosen by Trump to be VP. Pence's act on Sunday was a throwing down of the pro-racism gauntlet. The Trump administration was making its stand and calling on its followers to do the same. Pence might as well have burned a cross in the parking lot. But, that's for another day, a day that seems to be approaching.

Addendum: "World Take A Knee Day," an idea whose time has come.

Suppose there was a million kneeling "march" on Washington on January 20th. Why not throw some humiliation back? You know more people would show up than showed up for nutboy's inauguration. If a few players is all it takes to get one walking cancer shaped like a man to leave a stadium, shouldn't we consider a few million American citizens taking a Sunday off to go kneel on the mall in front of the Capitol Building and the White House to purge Congress and the White House of the disease of republicanism? Short of that, perhaps even more Americans could take a knee at noon on November 8th, the one year anniversary of Trump's "election?" At noon on that day, people across the country and the world, Americans and other world citizens, could take a knee, maybe even while "This Land Is Your Land" plays on everyone's iPod or phone.

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At 6:53 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

pence proves there is no benevolent god. His continued validation of Donnie babyhands is proof that jesus was a Nazi.

pence only pretends to believe. His actions prove he puts his own party, hatreds, career, power and celebrity above everything the new testament advocates.

His recent stunt is just his latest repudiation of the "teachings" of his lord and savior.

He is a hypocrite.

At 2:10 PM, Anonymous ap215 said...

That is a good meme Trump & Pence are indeed like Smithers & Burns

At 9:57 AM, Blogger Mary and Phil said...

When I see this man's adoration of Twitler, I just cringe. Every day I wait for the Second Coming. What would Jesus do, indeed.


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