Saturday, September 02, 2017

Midnight Meme Of The Day


-by Noah

Illegal border crossings have been decreasing steadily since the 2008 recession. Having reached a peak (measured by apprehension rates) in the year 2000, they are now at a 17 year low. President Obama's massive deportations and Señor Trumpanzee's far less humane policies have both played a role in discouraging people from crossing our Southwestern border into America. In fact, by the last few years of the Obama administration, more of the undocumented were leaving, one way or the other, than coming.

So, with that in mind, why should we pay to erect a wall that is unnecessary? A good deal of the border already has a wall anyway, and it's working. Does this come up in the media? Hardly. Will we, the American taxpayer, pay for the billions the wall will end up costing? You bet. We already know Mexico isn't paying for it, even if future trade deal math is involved. Certainly, building "The Wall" will cost each of us more than maintaining the status quo.

Anyone smell a scam here? Who gets a piece of the construction action? Russian mob construction entities? Or, maybe some more traditional mob folks, say from Atlantic City?

Then, ask yourself about the tangled logistics and court battles that will be involved in reaching land purchase agreements. It will take many, many years to sort that out. How many? 8? 10? 15? Do we really think that people like Texas and Arizona ranchers are going to happily submit to any government eminent domain claims? Hell, they might even start wondering why they voted for Señor Trumpanzee. This is going to be a legal and financial clusterphuck of monstrous proportions. This is a great example of the Trump business acumen that has led to his bankruptcies.

Most importantly, once "The Wall" is built, if it is ever built, the idea of it will be even more obsolete than it already is right now in 2017. If it does get built, staggering sums of money that could be put to better, more productive use, will have changed hands, silently going into offshore accounts no less. Such a wall will end up coming down, the money will be long gone, and, some future Trump will buy up all of the used bricks, paint them gold, emboss them with the Trump name, and sell them to idiots.

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At 6:54 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

coupla things:

1) of COURSE the wall thing was total horseshit meant only to engorge the genetalia of the 35% of americans who are hard-core racists.
1a) it won't work. people will still go over or under the wall if they want to.
1b) no, mexico won't pay for it. we will.
1c) did I mention ladders, ropes, tunnels, airplanes, boats, cars, trucks...

2) no, after our hate-wall is built, nobody will knock it down. There will be 50 million armed racists who will guard it from being touched. Our hate wall will endure because our hate will endure.


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