Friday, September 01, 2017

Midnight Meme Of The Day


-by Noah

Since Hurricane Harvey hit Texas, we're all thinking of the horror the victims are going through, but my mind has turned to other things as well. For instance, I can remember that Texas Senators Cruz and Cornyn were against approving funding for the victims of Super Storm Sandy that hit the Northeast just a few years ago, yet, there they were, the day after Harvey came onshore, hypocritically begging their hated, evil, no-good federal government for free, taxpayer funded disaster relief money for their state.

Those who opposed the money for the victims of Sandy back in 2012 spewed out a whole list of excuses as to why. Most of their childish excuses centered around the theme of corruption. Take a pause and consider the hypocrisy of that aspect; very selective, aren't they?

Then, I think about all of those Texans who wanted to secede when President Obama won the presidency. They wanted to secede even more when he got re-elected. They even concocted conspiracies about Jade Helm being an Obama plot to take over Texas. Do they still want to secede, or, do they now want to wait until American taxpayers from all over the nation help them out with a nice socialistic handout? I'm guessing they want that handout, just as they wanted rescue and didn't give a damn who was paying for it. There's so much irony in politicians and voters who seem to decry the idea of socialism right up until the moment they want it and its benefits for themselves. They wail on and on about free market forces and how welfare and handouts lead to communism... you've heard it all so many times. Obamacare, Head Start programs, Meals On Wheels, veterans benefits, Medicaid, Social Security...

Guess what. They'll get their money to clean up and repair as they should. That's what we do in America despite malformed, festering, steaming pussbags like Cruz and Cornyn. You can lump in Governor Abbott and all those wackjob congresscretins like Stockman and Gohmert, too. Texas will rebuild but you can bet corporations will make out better than what politicians like to call "ordinary Americans". The Houston oil companies will get more free socialistic subsidies from our money, too. That kind of thing is the real corruption; moral corruption. Politicians like Cruz and Cornyn are never, for even one second, concerned about moral corruption. Lives will never be the same. People will be in a worse position than before. Recovery is never complete, no matter what any politician or media hack spews out at you on your television.

They'll all get their money, our money. They'll even slyly hire undocumented workers to do the rebuilding. As soon as the power comes back on, they'll go back to tuning in FOX and Alex Jones. They'll immediately go back to whining about "socialism", "illegals", wanting to secede, and big bad government conspiracies as they drive down their newly re-paved streets.

You can even bet that American Terrorist Paul Ryan is already sickly smiling about using the human misery caused by the storm as an excuse to take away even more from "ordinary Americans" while Donald Trumpanzee thinks about having his name on some nice new hotels along the Texas gulf coast. Thinking like that takes a special kind of vermin, and that's what way too many Americans voted for.

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At 5:08 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Now that you put it that way....

Screw 'em!

At 6:02 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

" They'll get their money to clean up and repair as they should."

No, it is not as they should. They believe in their "free market" so religiously... they should be made to suffer from it. period.

And never forget that oil companies already benefit greatly from socialism. They already get massive, billions-worth of tax breaks ... just because they bought them with millions in bribes.

So... the real question is should I and 300 million others be made to reimburse Texans even though the asswipes they send to DC have caused all of us untold misery and financial hardship for decades? I say no. Fuck them all.

"Don't mess with Texas" SHOULD cut both ways, should it not?

At 8:04 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

There should be a condition attached to Texas relief funding. The money should be doled out only each time an elected Texas Republican resigns from office, sacrificing his place on the gravy train for the good of the voters of Texas.


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