Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Midnight Meme Of The Day!


-by Noah

Two for the price of one today! And why not? It seems that Señor Trumpanzee, aka "The Great Racial Divider," has gone so far into exploring his personal bigotry space that his cheese has completely fallen off his cracker, hit the floor and been instantly runoff with by a group of little meandering, sheet-wearing mice, aka his Republican Party followers and enablers. Trump, of all people, talks about "respecting the America?"

Here in New York, we've known about Trump's not so hidden white supremacy tendencies at least since his very public stance on the Central Park Five case back in 1989. With the aid of the complicit, silent mainstream media, Trump is no longer just a racist demagogue; he is the racist demagogue President of the United States, aided and abetted by both houses of the complicit and silent United States Congress.

As we all know, Señor Trumpanzee went to Alabama last Friday to campaign for Alabama's U.S. senator, Luther Strange (If that isn't a comic book name, I don't know what is). Trump has made a habit of going to places where he will, logically, feel comfortable. Alabama is a place where people insult America and its flag 24hrs. a day by displaying the flag of their beloved Confederacy in their living rooms and on the bumpers of their cars and trucks. To Trump voters, Donald Trump is their new Jefferson Davis.

In his speech, the draft-dodging Trump decided to bring up the topic of professional football players taking a knee during the pre-game playing of our national anthem in order to protest the ongoing racial injustice that sickens moral people and is a grievous affront to the United States Constitution. Republicans, with their proven natural disgust of anything that smacks of racial equality and racial justice, have managed to play the naive and gullible into believing that "taking a knee" is an attack on all police, the military, and the country itself. Bullshit! It's not surprising though that Republicans, who have no time for the concept of equality or desire to understand it, don't get what's going on or want to twist it into something else.

I have to wonder how many Republican voters are sitting around in their underwear in front of their TV, clutching a beer and choking on a pretzel while the national anthem plays, impatiently waiting, for their game of the week to begin? To republicans, black athletes are people of a different social caste. Black athletes are, to quote their mental case of a leader, "those people" and "sons of bitches". Trump's speech was his best channeling of old racist Dixiecrat George Wallace yet, if only because he went to Alabama to give it. The NFL players are not protesting the flag anymore than Rosa Parks was protesting the idea of public transportation.

Meanwhile in Puerto Rico... Oh wait, "those people" don't matter.

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At 3:47 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

No need for text. The cartoon says it all. Fucking perfect!!!


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