Thursday, August 17, 2017

The Midnight Meme Of The Day!


-by Noah

Last year, when NFL quarterback, Colin Kaepernick, then of the San Francisco 49ers franchise, famously took a knee during a pre-game playing of the National Anthem, he did it to call attention to racial and economic injustice. That caused Republicans, all too predictably, to go ballistic. How dare he protest injustice! Injustice is our creed! It’s why we live!

In short order, the braying hounds of hypocrisy twisted Kaepernick’s dastardly deed into some sort of insult against police, the military, the banks, white America, the entire country, Miss America, deep dish apple pie, you have it. It was and remains a frenzy bordering on their insane claims that ol’ “Lock her up” HRC is running a child sex slave business out of a pizza shop in suburban Maryland and some guy was born in Kenya, or something.

Since then, Kaepernick, who was good enough to lead his team to the 2013 Super Bowl, first got demoted to second string. When he did appear on the field, he was booed by his now brainwashed former fans and others who felt the need to pile on. Despite his talent, he is now not even a second stringer. He is a free agent, looking for a job in the NFL while other quarterbacks of lesser talent are eagerly scooped up. It appears that he is being blackballed from playing in the NFL. Joe McCarthy is smiling way down in the depths of Hell.

In the meantime, a variety of players who beat their wives, girlfriends, and/or children, or, have been arrested on gun or drug charges have merely served a brief suspension or paid a fine, and been forgiven and reinstated to take the field and play every week, but not Colin Kaepernick. He took a knee!!!

Colin Kaepernick: That guy! There’s something way more wrong with that guy! The fans who boo Kaepernick have no problem wildly cheering for their reinstated criminal wife-beating, child abusing heroes. It makes one wonder what would happen if O.J. Simpson still had enough youth and ability to play.

It now gets even worse: Those same people who had soooo much to say about Colin Kaepernick; those same Republicans and media hacks have zero problem with people who raise their hands in a Nazi salute and chant anti-Semitic and racist slogans to their charred little hearts’ content. They remain eerily and disgustingly silent about all of that. Where does NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell stand on all of this? Who knows? Except for a few excruciatingly bland statements, he’s strangely silent, too, or just completely gutless.

Now that the NFL pre-season is underway, this seems to be an appropriate day for this meme. Don’t forget to share with your friends. Why not even tweet the meme to Roger Goodell, and that mentally ill goon in the White House, too? Ooooh, and I bet Sean Hannity would absolutely love it! Think how torn and confused he’ll be when he sees a black man and some neo-Nazis suddenly appear on his phone at the very same instant! He won’t know what to do. 10 to 1 odds, he burns his phone and goes out to get a new one. Then you can send it to him again.

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At 6:05 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great MMOD. I'm happy to note that a few, ONLY a few others are making that same protest still.

When an entire team, the Carolina panthers would be very appropriate, does this, the healing might actually begin. It would make white racists have to choose between their love of brain injury-causing violence and hate of uppity blacks. Why they might actually stroke out from the inner conflict. What a shame that would be.

At 7:01 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Here's a question I've been asking since I went to my first Red Sox game in 1956:
"What the fuck does the Star Spangled Banner have to do with baseball?" I was a foul-mouthed 9 year old, wasn't I?

For years I refused to stand for that horrid, unsingable anthem until some time in the mid 70's when I was comped tickets to professional rasslin' at Boston Garden. The real show was in the seats. My friend and I agreed: stand for the music, or we might not leave the place in one piece.

I still question the connection to baseball and other sports; but remembering that crowd of proto-deplorables, I have no doubt the national anthem, rasslin' and Reichspräsident Strumpf are all of a piece.


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