Monday, September 18, 2017

Midnight Meme Of The Day


-by Noah

In case you've ever wondered why Republicans don't like the idea of people smoking weed or taking hallucinogenics, it may be because they are already so "out there" that they don't see anything to be gained. Case in point: One of the biggest reasons that over 60 million head cases voted for Trump is because they believed that his opponent was running a pedophile ring out of a pizza joint just outside of Washington, DC. One Trump terrorist even went there fully armed, intending to "rectify the situation."

Republicans believe all sorts of things. Just last week, Rush Limbaugh was telling his devoted followers that Hurricane Irma was fake news being pushed by crazy libtards that believed storms were getting bigger and more devastating due to climate change.

Then there's one of Trump's favorite news sources. No, I'm not talking about those kooks on FOX "News." I'm talking about Alex Jones, a major go-to news source for Republicans everywhere. Among the stories that he has broken is the news that the New Town Massacre was a "false flag" operation staged by the government with actors, that it was a hoax, never happened. Republicans often point to lack of coverage of this and similar stories as evidence that the "lamestream media" is not on the up and up. Think about how truly sick you have to be to believe this stuff. Supporting Trump is a manifestation of mass hysteria.

Cruelty is often a thread of the stories that Republicans swear to. Just think how cruel you have to be to go around preaching and repeating these things. Many Republicans are too sociopathic to consider the feelings of the parents that lost children at New Town or that a fellow American is just trying to make a go of running a nice pizza place to provide for himself and his family. Then there are those few who do not believe that real but have no problem spreading the stories if it helps get their candidates elected. So much for being pro-family.

This meme tells the story of another Alex Jones favorite that is now part of the Trumpworld of Republican alternate facts. How dare they spread this wicked lie! C'mon! Everyone knows the child sex colony isn't on Mars but on Planet Zontar 2 of the 4th Dimension, aka the home planet and birthplace of Barack Hussein Obama!

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