Friday, September 15, 2017

Midnight Meme Of The Day


-by Noah

What! You haven't had enough of the Republican Party's "Trickle Down Economics?" Well, as Repug icon Ronald Reagan would say, "there you go again." Now that Paul Ryan and his House of Lunatics are back in session, they are planning on what they cynically refer to as "tax reform." Why? Because pirates like Trump and Ryan stand to personally gain, both in income and campaign contributions (bribes). The better deal that Ryan, the psychotic Ted Bundy of politicians, can get on changing our tax code to benefit his benefactors, the more he stands to get from his masters at Koch Industries.

It was a senile Reagan who gave us the "trickle down" and his now Trump-led party wants more of the same, and, you know Trump gets excited when he hears those words because pissing on the bottom 99% is what "Trickle Down Economics" is all about. Ryan talks about liberal takers but the biggest takers in our country are not the blue states. The biggest takers of federal tax monies are the red states, and that's where you'll find some of the worst poverty you could ever imagine this country having. I remember an interview with Magic Johnson that shows up on TV sports channels from time to time. In it, he talks about how he thought no one grew up poorer than he and his neighbors in LA's South Central, until he went to visit with his good friend Larry Bird who showed him a tour of rural Indiana. My, my, where does the money go?

The saddest thing about it is that the people who were most hurt by Reagan's crackpot or voodoo economics and tax "theories" are the ones who voted for con artists like Trump and Ryan. Those voters are so masochistic that they will just keep on doing it until they starve to death for lack of money to even buy food or bullets to hunt it.

Republican politicians and their media mouthpieces love to talk about growing the economy by reducing taxes. The naive think they are talking about the national economy and not the personal economy of the proponents of the trickle down. They've been brainwashed by all sorts of trash about how lower taxes for the wealthy and corporations will result in more investment. Yes. It does lead to more investment, in off shore bank accounts, not in investments that grow the economy. Reagan started the trickle down con 37 years ago. To paraphrase him; ask yourself if you are better off after "Trickle Down Economics" now than you were 37 years ago.

So, the coming weeks will give us an onslaught of greedy sleazebag pols and so-called experts, who are really in the employ of those who will gain the most, monopolizing whatever TV time isn't devoted to hurricanes and floods that we'll already have to pay for from what funds the U.S. Treasury has left. No doubt Trump will hold a rally about it somewhere that's been pre-approved by the Koch Brothers or worse. That's the one thing you will actually be able to bank on. Besides The Whore Of Slovenia will be needing some new pairs of Fuck-Me Stilettos.

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At 6:41 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Facts and data don't matter to these hominid forms. Non-sentients who believe that fox and rush are acting as ventriloquist dummies of their gawd himself.

Religion is like that. Belief and hate without thought of any kind. Cuz gawd sez so.


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