Wednesday, September 13, 2017

GOP Suffers Another Stunning Loss In Oklahoma-- While The DCCC Naps In Their Hillary World View


Berniecrat wins in Oklahoma

Last year, Oklahoma was one of Trump's strongest states. He beat Hillary 949,136 (65.3%) to 420,375 (28.9%). Even Obama had managed to take a third of the vote both times he ran. Like West Virginia, Oklahoma gave Trump every single county in the state. On primary day, though, when Bernie clobbered Clinton by over 10 points, Bernie took 174,228 votes to Trumpanzee's 130,267 votes. Just sayin'. Norman is the county seat of Cleveland County, the state's 3rd most populous. Trump won it 62,438 (57.14%) to 38,829 (35.48%). And in the primary, Cleveland County was Bernie country:
Bernie- 16,428
Ted Cruz- 12,328
Hillary- 10,433
Marco Rubio- 10,101
Señor Trumpanzee- 9,387
Last night the western portion of Norman, the conservative-leaning House District 46-- where Republicans hold a 3,000 voter-registration advantage over Democrats-- had a special election to fill the seat of state Rep. Scott Martin (R), who had resigned May 31 to become head of the Norman Chamber of Commerce. No one imagined that the seat-- which has been in Republican hands since 1995-- would flip to blue. In fact, the Democratic candidate, public school teacher and dedicated Berniecrat, Jacob Rosecrants had run against Martin in 2016 and lost badly-- 10,988 (60.41%) to 7,201 (39.59%). Last night, the results were stunning as the 3rd Oklahoma legislative seat since Trump occupied the White House fell to the Democrats.

In a district that went to the Republicans by 21 points last year, Rosecrants beat Republican Darin Chambers 3,176 (60.4%) to 2,081 (39.6%). And Trump won District 46 by 11 points last year.

The always backward-looking-- always, always, always-- DCCC has no intention of fighting for any seats in Oklahoma this year, their only criteria being how miserably Hillary did in the state. But the primaries showed that Oklahomans didn't see Trump as the salvation for their economic woes as much as they looked to Bernie's brand of populism. And in Oklahoma County-- which makes up the bulk of the 5th congressional district-- Bernie beat Trump by a very wide margin-- 32,368 votes to Señor Trumpanzee's 22,117. What the numbskulls at the DCCC need to learn-- but are incapable of learning-- is that it doesn't pay to give up on states like Oklahoma. It would pay to run better candidates that Oklahomans like, not candidates that fat-cat conservative Democrats at the DCCC like. Last June we made the case for why Democrats should rally around Tom Guild's congressional race in OK-05 (which includes Oklahoma City). The blinded and lame DCCC has no idea it's a winnable district-- their moronic, simple-minded and backward-looking mantra is all about going after congressional seats Hillary won and ignoring the seats where Bernie beat Trump in the primaries.

Goal ThermometerA few hours ago, I spoke with Tom Guild, the Beriecrat running for Congress against GOP crackpot Steve Russell in Oklahoma City, just north of Norman. He told me he had just finished knocking doors in the 54th precinct out of 273 precincts in our congressional district. Our plan is to canvass 110 precincts by the June 26th primary election in 2018. So far, my volunteers and I haven’t marked a single voter who answered their door as 'leaning other' or 'likely other.' We have a small handful of undecideds but well over 95% who come to their door are now counted as 'leaning Tom' or 'likely Tom.' The response on the doorstep has been overwhelmingly positive. Our small events throughout the district, coffees and meet-and-greets at supporters homes, have all been successful and have enjoyed between 12 and 30 in attendance. The energy, enthusiasm, and support for our campaign is phenomenal. We will hold our OK City Campaign Kickoff next week. We have participated in a number of parades throughout the district, and our reception has been warm and enthusiastic. We are running a hard charging and aggressive grassroots campaign. We are within $4,000 of reaching the total we need to raise by September 30, to be on track to have the financial resources we need to win this seat in Congress. Democrats have won all but one of nearly a dozen special elections in Oklahoma since September 2015, including the seat won last night by Jacob Rosecrants. The force is with us.

"As we continue to work hard and if we receive sufficient financial support from Oklahoma and throughout America, I strongly feel that I will be the first Democrat to win OK-05 since 1975, and the first progressive to hold this congressional seat in state history. Onward and upward!"

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At 6:18 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

heavy sigh. it's fucking Oklahoma!

And even if Ds win a few more seats, they probably won't have a majority.

And even if the DCCC really screws the pooch and gets a majority, Pelosi, hoyer, Crowley will still exercise tyranny of the money by controlling the agenda and what gets voted on and what does not ever see the light of day.

When will you guys see past the nose on your face? It isn't OK-05 or whatever. It's the fucking party. It's the fucking corruption. It's fucking Pelosi et al.

you think the DCCC is inept or stupid? They don't even WANT to win a majority... because then they'll have to answer to voters who want MFA and bank reform and the DREAM act and fewer wars and no torture and prosecution for criminals... and shit. But you see the democraps and their big donors will never allow these. Never. They'll raise billions to prevent them, retire to their gated compounds or to K street or somewhere.

And 315 million americans will be ratfucked worse than today which is worse than yesterday...

It's the fucking party. It's the fucking corruption. It's fucking Pelosi et al.

At 6:39 AM, Anonymous ap215 said...

We also flipped a seat in NH i'll take these W's even without the DCCC's help good job grassroots.


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