Thursday, August 17, 2017

Charlie Crist's Approach: Clichés Over Substance


Obama beat Romney in FL-13 by over 10 points-- 54.6% to 43.9%. Hillary, a much weaker candidate, also won the district-- 49.6% to 46.4%. Former lifelong Republican-turned-independent-turned-Democrat the very opportunistic Charlie Crist ran as a pretend-Democrat against moderate Republican incumbent David Jolly and beat him 184,693 (51.9%) to 171,149 (48.1%). Jolly spent $2,176,451 and Crist spent $1,975,501 but the DCCC threw in $1,086,651 and Pelosi SuperPAC threw in another $1,567,917 to bolster Crist while neither the NRCC nor Ryan's SuperPAC spent a dime on Jolly.

An acquaintance of mine, working as a consultant on Crist's time, made an effort to persuade me that Crist was a stalwart progressive now and that Blue America should endorse him. We passed on that without with ado-- luckily... because Crist got into Congress and immediately started the hard work of voting with the Republicans enough to earn an "F" from ProgressivePunch. And he joined both New Dems and the Blue Dogs-- basically the Republican wing of the Democratic Party. His crucial vote ProgressivePunch score is 42.86. There are only 8 Democrats who have worse voting records. And there's only one Republican-- Justin Amash (MI)-- with a better voting record. Crist has the highest Trump adhesion score (26.8%) of any Florida Democrat in Congress. (He sucks; all he does is raise money from special interests-- $1,221,317 already this year-- and then support whatever they're peddling.)

So I wasn't very surprised when his newest fundraising letter-- under the asinine subject line "My Approach: People Over Politics"-- turned out to be this week's stinker. It should have been called "My Approach: Clichés Over Substance." Take a look at this and see how many clichés you can pick out:

Hi Howie,

Are you tired of the political games in Washington? I sure am.

My approach to public service has always been to put people over politics. We get things done by working together, not by pulling each other down to win the next political fight. 

We're dealing with real issues that have real implications for people's lives. We need to create new jobs, raise wages, protect our shores, honor our veterans, make education a priority, and ensure that everyone is treated with respect and civility. The list goes on and on.

I know we can do better than the dysfunction we're seeing today -- and I'm going to continue to work every day to bring people together.

I hope you'll be a part of this winning team: Stay up-to-date with my campaign by joining me on Facebook today!

Thanks for listening,
And, yeah, although he's separated or divorced from his beard now, he's still in the closet. It's 2017 and closets are for Republicans, not Democrats (Except for Ben Gay, apparently). What joke! What a pathetic joke. This turd is a congressman. No wonder people don't understand why it's wrong to vote for a character like Trumpanzee!

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At 6:57 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Crist is destined to some day take over for Pelosi. Mark my words.


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