Sunday, April 23, 2017

When A Really Bad Democrat Sneaks Into Congress, It's Serious And It's Harmful-- Vicente González


Members of Congress don't call bloggers and apologize much. But just over a year ago Blue America was backing Sonny Palacios for an open south Texas seat, TX-15, a long narrow district that heads north from the Rio Grande through McAllen and Edinburg, up Route 281 and zigging and zagging up to Seguin east of San Antonio. It's a pretty safe Democratic district. Obama won it both times with 57% and Hillary beat Trump by about the same margin. My congressional friend though, was backing a very wealthy right-wing hustler, Vicente González. González, desperate to win the crowded primary pretended to be a progressive and put a million dollars of his own money into his campaign.

The run-off between Palocios and González was May 24. Sonny is a proud outspoken progressive, a proactive leader with valuable experience as a community leader, school board member, attorney and single father. González is hard to pin down. To one audience he'll claim to be progressive and to another he'll call himself a conservative Democrat. He told a students event that he had voted for Bernie Sanders and a few days later sent out a mailer saying he was a Hillary Clinton endorser. He's very much like Trump in that way... He says whatever pops into his mind based on who the immediate audience is. People in McAllen are calling him the "Trump of South Texas." And, like Trump, he talks a good game about women but his actions speaker louder since, like Trump, exploiting women is part of his business model. He swore in the McAllen Municipal Court (case number 2010-00096858) that he owned the Longhorn Saloon, a topless bar and strip club, which was eventually closed down due to illegal prostitution and drug trafficking on the premises. You cannot run for Congress and claim to be a champion of women’s rights when you're enriching yourself by prostituting vulnerable women.

González persuaded my friend to endorse him. By that time he had self-funded to the tune of $1,650,000 into his campaign and he swamped Palacios, burying him in dishonest advertising. Not long after my friend endorsed him, local radio hosts mentioned to González on the air that "You were endorsed by the Progressive Caucus... I've heard you say once before you see yourself as a conservative Democrat." He immediately responded, "I do in a lot of ways but I guess they agreed with some of my views... I'm not changing my principles... I appreciate the endorsement but my views are my views." Those views aren't remotely progressive, not even pro-Choice. And he's a 100% NRA shill. "I govern from the middle. You know I'm not for raising taxes... I believe we should have the strongest military in the world-- always-- and we should lead the world militarily." One of the interviewers, the more overtly Republican one, listened to him speaking and asked "Why are you running as a Democrat?" He said he's been a Democrat all his life and reiterated that he's a conservative and then said "There are a lot of great candidates on the Republican side as well. I'll reach across there aisle and work with them." Too bad they didn't ask him to name any. The only other congressional candidate he's ever contributed to is right-wing Blue Dog, Filemon Vela, who routinely votes against every progressive proposal... as González has been doing as well.

So, that apology... "You were right on this one. González took my campaign contribution, committed to progressive positions in the CPC questionnaire, and then reneged on joining the CPC and seems to be headed towards being even worse than you told me he would be when you warned me not to endorse him. Not too proud to acknowledge when I'm wrong. He and his team lied to us. It's as clear as that."

González joined the Blue Dogs and has begun running up a truly horrible voting record. ProgressivePunch has already given him an overall "F" rating. His crucial vote score is 57.14, slightly worse than Dan Lipinski. Alas, though, this isn't the kind of district where the idea of primaries is built into the collective DNA. America is going to be stuck with González for a long time-- unless or until he gets caught doing something illegal.

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At 8:08 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

When a really good democrat manages to sneak into congress, the hordes of really bad democraps and their money usually defeat them in the next election.

Gawd, lefty voters are morons.

At 9:42 PM, Blogger Robert Drake said...

This has to stop. What someone writes on a damn questionnaire is irrelevant. If a guy is capable of self-funding his campaign to the tune of $1.6 mil. there is a high probability he is not progressive. Why do Democrats keep doing this to themselves? If a candidate doesn't have a record of public service that demonstrates they are a real progressive, then why endorse them?

The GOP has never had this problem, from the seventies at least, there has been a strict criteria for who gets promoted from school board member to county council candidate to state legislative candidate to House/Senate candidates. When was the last time anyone can remember a Republican, even in heavily blue states getting elected and defying the conservative (as opposed to GOP) power structure? It doesn't happen because every GOP candidate is dependent on that power structure for their very political life.

This gets to the intrinsic weakness of the left. Democrats screw them over because they do not fear them. Democrats screw them over because those Democrats are not of the left like the GOP is of the right. We are too eager to give candidates the benefit of the doubt based on cheap rhetoric, like with Obama. He had no track record of actual progressive governance anywhere, in fact he had a record of dodging votes, the first sign of an ambitious huckster that didn't wish to be pinned down, so instead of questioning him, we projected our hopes and dreams on a gifted scammer.

Democrats aren't forced to come up through a farm system like GOP pols are, frankly because we have no farm system. A former Republican is allowed to run as a Democrat if they have the cash. No one in the Democratic Party establishment stops them when they could stop them more or less by telling them we're not supporting you. They do this to progressives all the time. This is why it's important to have people of the left occupying these power institutions: DNC, DSCC, DCCC and we're not even close.


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