Saturday, April 22, 2017

Is The Republican Civil War Jeopardizing John Culberson's Houston Seat? Ask Club For Growth


If you're not from Tennessee, you may never have heard of Congresswoman Diane Black. She's an old racist witch, basically a classic neo-Nazi who's been representing a backward district in central Tennessee that conveniently skirts any cities, since 2010. TN-06 is made up of 19 shit-hole counties that God gave up on and abandoned to the Devil; most of the voters live in Sumner and Wilson counties. The dirt-poor district is almost entirely white-- and pretty much defines "trash." She's the absolute perfect representative-- except that she's a multimillionaire several times over, representing a bunch of poor hicks who don't have the good sense to understand she's screwing them over every single day. What a mess! The district has a PVI of R+21. McCain beat Obama there, 65-34%. Romney beat Obama 69-30% and SeƱor Trumpanzee beat Hillary 72.6% to 23.7%, Trump's second-best showing in the state.

I believe in the 50-state strategy-- but not for TN-06. Leave that pile of sewage alone. Let it exist as a kind of living museum of what happens when people listen to too much Hate Talk Radio and take too many opioids. It was Andrew Jackson's political base so it's perfect that the only president as corrupt as Jackson should also be so admired there.

Diane Black's record in Congress is the worst of any in Tennessee. Her ProgressivePunch lifetime crucial vote score is a whopping 1.13-- and a ZERO for the current session. She insists on being called a "congressman," not a congresswoman and hatred and bigotry exude from every pore of her hideous hide. But somehow the Club for Growth psychos have found a reason to be angry at her and started running the anti-Diane Black TV spot up top. It doesn't mean a thing. She isn't vulnerable. If the anti-Trump tsunami sweeps across America and the GOP loses 200 seats, Diane Black will be one of the ones left standing. Club for Growth knows that. The ad is symbolic (or something you have to be a right-wing loon to fully understand).

The ad below, though does mean something. It's from the same series of Club for Growth ads attacking Republican incumbents they're not happy with. Except this one attacks John Culberson in TX-07. This one is serious. Culberson is nearly as extreme right as Black-- but in a much more mainstream, diverse and well-educated district. His ProgressivePunch score for the current session is also a ZERO and his lifetime score is 2.12. But TX-07 has a PVI of R+13. It includes west Houston (just beyond the Rice campus), west through Bellaire and out past Bunker Hill Village and Barker Reservoir. Romney won it with 60% and Culberson usually does even better than that. Last November, though, he was reelected against a weak Democratic candidate, James Cargas, 143,369 (56.2%) to 111,774 (43.8%), the worst Culberson had ever done. Looks like he was dragged down by Trump, who didn't match Romney's 60% win. In fact Hillary beat Trumpy-the-Clown in the district 48.5% to 47.1%.

We reached Jason Westin, the cancer doctor campaigning hard against Culberson, and he told us that he never thought he'd say these words: "these are strange times: I agree with the Club for Growth about Mr Culberson. I agree that Career Congressman Culberson should oppose the border adjustment tax. In 2015, Texas alone had $84 Billion in imports from Mexico. A 20% tax on these goods would devastate the Texas 7th economy-- hardly putting 'America first.' I also agree the congressional seat currently occupied by the empty suit Culberson has a huge target on it for 2018. The district was won by Clinton in 2016, is increasingly diverse, and is highly educated and affluent-- all of which means 'not Trump territory.' Mr Culberson has attached himself to Mr Trump, going so far as to call him 'the father of the interplanetary highway system,' and has voted with Mr Trump 100% of the time. Even if Mr Culberson wanted to soften his radical right wing positions, being targeted by the Club for Growth this early shows he is in a very dangerous position. I hope he survives his Republican primary so I can face him in 2018, although I highly doubt the Club for Growth ads will continue to run then."

The district's been changing. Only 44% of the population is white now. Nearly a third is Hispanic and there are large, motivated Black and Asian populations too. It's a wealthy district, way better off than a hellish backwater like Diane Black's. And Trump is not anyone's idea of an American president. There are already 4 Democrats vying to take on Culberson next year-- Jason Westin, Debra Kerner, Joshua Butler and James Cargas-- and the DCCC has identified TX-07 as a top target. Let's hope Club for Growth spends plenty of money running the ad:

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At 10:49 AM, Blogger steve said...

TN - 6th district--"white trash", "dirt poor".

It's a relatively affluent, suburban Nashville district that became more conservative as it became wealthier and more suburbanized. It is Al Gore's old district. The "white trash" and "dirt poor" you denigrate would be about the only voters left in that district who would still vote dem. After all, they elected Gore, not their suburban neighbors.

Aside from your demographic ignorance, you demonstrate the dem elitist mindset perfectly.


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