Monday, April 24, 2017

The Apple Does Not Fall Far From The Orange-- Ivanka's and Jared's Fabulous Adventure


John Oliver's segment this weekend on Ivanka and Kushner-in-law was classic. You've got to watch it. This morning his analysis was examined by Newsweek, Rolling Stone, Entertainment Weekly and the New York Daily News. You don't need them; just watch it.

Stephen Walt's Jared Kushner Will Be Eaten By The Blob in Foreign Policy is not a prediction of how Chris Christie will eventually get his revenge on Kushner for getting his revenge on Christie (due to Kushner's father Charlie getting his revenge on someone else). "Kushner," he wrote, "may be unusually inexperienced, but he’s hardly the first person to achieve a position of political, and even diplomatic, prominence largely because of personal ties to a president." His role inside the Trumapnzee Regime "has provoked heated criticism from Democrats and skepticism from an array of pundits. It has also given late-night comics, satirists, and the Twitterati plenty of free material. And at one level their responses are understandable: Not only does Kushner’s role reek of good old-fashioned nepotism, but it is frankly absurd to think a young real estate developer can possibly perform all the miracles his loving father-in-law has asked him to produce. At last count, Kushner’s assignments include solving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, leading a 'SWAT team' of private consultants that will reorganize and streamline the federal government, and serving as an informal presidential envoy to China, Iraq, and anywhere else Trump decides to send him. He also seems to have acquired the job of keeping Steve Bannon in check (or maybe getting rid of him entirely). Kushner hasn’t made his situation any easier by coming across like a spoiled rich kid who’d rather go skiing than govern. But he’d have his work cut out for him even if he combined the cunning of a Henry Kissinger and the political skills of a Lyndon Johnson... [T]he real issue is what his outsized position tells you about the president he serves and about the nature of political life in Washington, D.C."
Let’s start by remembering something important about Donald J. Trump: He’s old. A 70-year-old man is not going to learn a lot of new management tricks or adopt a new leadership style at this late stage of life. By most accounts, Trump’s management approach has long relied on promoting rivalries among subordinates and demanding intense loyalty from a circle of trusted insiders (such as his sons and now his son-in-law). Given the success of his highly unorthodox presidential campaign, why expect Trump to operate differently now?

...Kushner’s role in the White House actually reveals a deeper problem: Trump doesn’t actually care if his policies work or not. He doesn’t care if health care is ever fixed, if the climate warms up and millions of people die, if coal miners or autoworkers get new and better jobs, if the Islamic State is ever defeated, or if U.S. infrastructure is rebuilt. All he cares about is whether he can convince people that he’s responsible for anything good that happens and persuade them that adverse developments are someone else’s fault. It has been apparent from day one that Trump cares first and foremost about himself, his family, and his fortune. Full stop. Doing the people’s business-- that is, actually governing-- is hard work, and it really cuts into the time you can spend on the golf course.

Not caring about getting anything done is also liberating: It means you can hire whomever you want, give them a thousand impossible things to do before breakfast, and then get back to correcting your slice. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is why Jared Kushner has a job in the White House that no one could possibly perform.

It’s also why you don’t see him devoting much time or effort to trying to resist the Washington foreign-policy establishment his father-in-law once so vociferously maligned, as evidenced by the recent humanitarian intervention in Syria and discussion of sending tens of thousands of ground troops there. It is entirely predictable that Kushner, and Trump, would abdicate to the Blob, since their stated political beliefs, even when they contained a glimmer of insight, were never moored by practical knowledge. The Trump family’s essential interest in the jobs they’ve acquired is personal vanity; they’re happy-- indeed, obliged-- to outsource those jobs’ other aspects.

But the fault ultimately lies not with Kushner (though a smarter person might have turned down the offer and concentrated on saving his own family’s business). The fault lies in the man from Mar-a-Lago.
Oh... and let's not forget this... which, I'm guessing, is going to turn out to be even more important:

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At 11:46 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

And the 'Merkin Peepul care more about Dancing With The Stars and who went home than they do the spoiled brats whose incompetence is facilitated by an egomaniac who will blow up the home planet on a bad day just because he can.

At 4:47 AM, Anonymous Hone said...

What is most amazing is the willingness of ignorant incompetents such as Kushner to take on these enormous responsibilities without having the slightest background to do so. They do not, apparently, perceive they are completely out of their depth. What egos, to think they are capable! How can they sleep at night knowing their interactions and decisions would affect so many people, our country and the world. Perhaps they really just don't care. There is clearly something "huge" lacking in Kushner's makeup, which is extremely concerning. Just like Trump.

! If someone offered me even one of the jobs offered to Kushner, I'd be a nervous wreck - worrying about the huge responsibilities involved and the breadth and depth of knowledge that was needed, as well as the political and interpersonal skills required. I'd be cracking the books and consulting like crazy with the most knowledgeable people I could find. Actually I'd say, "No." But these people just are not fazed by it all. In fact, they go out and play lots of golf.

The absolute chutzpah of these people to take on these weighty positions is what is mind blowing. What does that say about their psychological makeup? Sociopaths all, I suspect. Frightening.

At 7:06 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Simple. It's a win/win/win.

The orange-utang gets to stop thinking about ... well, almost everything but hate, since he's got the young-un in charge of all of it. And he won't have to worry that some professional person would make him look bad/stupid in doing those jobs.

Kushner in law gets his name all over the media for a very long time. And we all know the value of free press. He's instantly worth 50% more whenever he can return to screwing his real estate victims again.

And daughter/concubine ivanka gets to talk to the media which will further benefit her crap product lines. *AND* her caution and tact will make her imbecile father seem a little less like the tantrum-throwing 5-year-old he is.


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