Friday, March 17, 2017

Another Republican State Senator Caught With The Meat In His Mouth-- Underaged Meat At That


Senator Shortey with his amigo, Freddo Trump

Just over a week ago we attempted to tell the sad saga of another Republican closet case-turned-child molester, an all too familiar theme of conservative politics. Wednesday, former Stockton Mayor Anthony Silva, the viciously homophobic Republican, who probably shot a 13 year old and definitely lured young boys to let him film them playing strip poker in his bedroom while boozing them up, finally got his million dollar bail reduced to $350,000 and got out of the hoosegow. (As part of his release deal, he agreed to wear a monitoring device and stay away from the Stockton Kids Club where he was preying on chiildren.) Just thought you might want an update before we zip down to Oklahoma for more of the same kind of GOP horseshit.

This one you could have smelled a mile away. Rotund right-wing insane person, GOP state Senator Ralph Shortey-- Baptist this, family values that, wife, child... all the crap Republican predators use in their elaborate coverup schemes to rape young boys-- isn't in prison... at least not yet. He's still in the state Senate and still representing district 44 in southwest Oklahoma City. Maybe his colleagues-- or even the voters-- should have figured out something was terribly wrong with this sick man when he wrote and worked a bill to ban the use of aborted human fetuses in food. I swear; this is true. Although he admitted there are no Oklahoma companies, at least none he was aware of, that use aborted human fetuses for food, he claims he read it on the Internet and worried that some California company might ship food made of fetuses into Oklahoma. That was in 2012. Two years later he was reelected against Democrat Michael Brooks-Jimenez 5,418 (51.7%) to 4,384 (41.8%).

Shortey, who is a fanatic anti-immigrant maniac represents a district that is 58.21% white and 47.82% Hispanic. He claims illegal immigration as the number 1 problem in the district. He's also famous for trying to turn back the clock on the War on Drugs, revving it up again after Oklahoma voted to lower the penalties for nonviolent drug possession from a felony to misdemeanor.

And, as you can probably guess, he was the chairman of the Oklahoma Trump campaign. Of course. And had been endorsed by Sheriff Joe Arpaio (R-AZ) and Dog the Bounty Hunter. (Shortey is very pro-bounty hunting. Dog's wife Beth endorsed him too.)

Oops, I almost forgot the details. According to the police and the Cleveland County District Attorney's Office, Senator Shortey checked into the Motel 8 in Moore, Oklahoma, shortly after midnight, with an underage boy. The police recommended that he be charged for soliciting prostitution of a minor; prostitution within 1,000 feet of a church (my favorite charge for Oklahoma Republicans); and transporting a minor for the purpose of prostitution. The boy's father called the police and reported that the monstrous Shortey had his son.

This is the face of the Oklahoma Republican Party and Trumpism in that state
Pam Pollard, Chairman of the Oklahoma Republican Party, told the local media that "the accusations against Ralph Shortey are in no way in line with the principles of the Oklahoma Republican Party." Sure they're not-- the Republican Party manufactures child molesters with its psychotic homophobia; that simple and that direct.

Meanwhile, the Oklahoma Senate voted unanimously to suspend nearly all of Shortey's privileges while the Moore Police Department completes its investigation of why exactly Senator Shortey was in a motel room with a child after midnight. He was kicked out of his parking space and his capitol office and he lost his secretary and the vice-chairmanships on two committees. They already scraped his name off his office door and asked him to return his state-owned laptop. He's still collecting his paycheck and benefits.

There are no parts of the right-wing agenda he wasn't a booster for. In fact he was also an aggressive proponent of a proposal to allow guns onto state university campuses, which is adamantly opposed by faculty and administration. Hey, you need a gun if someone tries to slip a fetus into your burger, right?

UPDATE: Shortey Has Been Arrested

The cops smelled marijuana on the scene. The irony is beyond incredible.

The Republican Governor of the state, Mary Fallin has reacted: "The charges against him do not reflect the character and decorum that we expect of an elected official. It is not acceptable." There you go.

Shortey met the teenager through Craigslist a year ago.

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At 2:10 PM, Anonymous Hone said...

The list of low lifes in the Republican party is rather long. And people keep voting for these cretins. A poor reflection on our educational system. Hey, just think of what the $30 billion that is to go to the military, as if they need it, could do for our educational system! Republicans do not want an educated public. Dumb and dumber is their aim.

At 10:35 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You neglected to mention the irony that marijuana was involved...not that there is anything wrong with that.

At 11:57 PM, Anonymous Bil said...

+1 Anon, Condoms?

I think Birth Control is out again in the new Admin...Disease? Too late.


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