Monday, October 10, 2016

How Much Do People Hate The Intolerables Or Deplorables Or Whatever They're Called? Enough To Hunt Them Down?


Olbermann once all but insisted that the hard core Trump supporters all be rounded up and sent back to second or third grade to "start all over again." In the video above, from a few days ago, he's making a claim that normal Americans have as much right to be angry as these low-IQ intolerables do. He refers to these Trump supporters as "unthinking dolts... a third-rate demagogue's cult-like following whose members have turned off the reality switch in their heads and who got out of school, somehow, without being about to know the difference between the true, the possible and the imaginary."

When someone speaks of Intolerables... well, here ya go

To Olbermann this basketful of intolerables is "a crowd of third graders who have been told they can't have all the candy... The morons who snap cell phone photos of reporters and promise retribution against them, who believe the failures of their own lives will be corrected for them by this Thanksgiving Day Parade balloon in a suit, who would and will sell them out at the first opportunity and bring all but a handful of them a new America that will make the one they are whining about now seem in retrospect-- and even to them-- seem like Heaven upon the earth."

Republican congressman
He tells his viewers that "The angry white male Trump voter would rather burn it down than accept Hillary Clinton. The angry, where, male Trump voter wants his country back. The angry, where, male Trump voter-- to use their lunatic candidate's meaningless phrases-- wants 'to win' and to 'make America great again.'"

Do you know people like the ones Olbermann is describing? Not just Trump supporters, but the half of his supporters that are "the intolerables?" Of course you do, they're about half the population. Think back to high school. Those people. One of my oldest friends in the world wrote to me the other day after an upsetting luck with relatives of her husband. The uncle, retired now, was president of a major company with a brand no one reading this post hasn't heard of many times.

"I did not bring up politics," she assured me, "but they did. They hate Hillary so intensely it is unbelievable and beyond reason and they will vote for Trump because of it. They think they are both bad, but that she is far worse. They brought up Benghazi and the emails. They hate Obama. His uncle said that Obamacare is awful, they know someone on it who cannot afford the premiums and high deductibles. I said that that was the best he could get thru Congress, with no public option, and what would the Republicans do for the people who could not afford heath care. No answer. When we were leaving, his uncle took me aside and told me how much he hates blacks, that they are lazy and on the take. He hates immigrants and thinks they will take over the country. (Of course, his ancestors were all poor Jewish immigrants.) He does not think the government should be giving anyone money. It was all quite depressing. There must be many more who think this way."

Indeed there are. What do you think? Should there be mandatory IQ tests at polling places? No, me neither. So what do you do to stop them from destroying democracy, which they seem hell-bent on doing?

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At 9:25 PM, Anonymous p harris said...

run some kind of Reality TV gladiatorial contest where Aryan types slaughter hordes of black and brown people (all cgi, so that no one gets hurt) from 24 hours before election day until the polls close in Alaska & Hawaii. Include lots of big-breasted submissive women and a heavy dose of homoeroticism -- get Zack Snyder to write and direct, he knows what they like. Add a red, white, and blue clad warrior Jesus and you couldn't move them from in front of their TVs with a forklift.

At 7:28 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Low-IQ voters are driven by emotional manipulation, which is the tactic the advertising industry uses against all of us. We are all thus conditioned to be swayed by the empty blandishments to our emotional side. Countering this would thus be difficult, and of questionable efficacy, considering the decades of research and billions of dollars spent on learning how to get us to act against our own self-interests to buy something we normally wouldn't.

Our entire economy runs off this mechanism. Efforts to counter its ability to affect us will be crushed, especially as the economic power of the US successfully followed the Powell Memo to control this nation for their own benefit.


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