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Right-Wing Crackpots Robert And Rebekah Mercer: "We Are Completely Indifferent To Mr. Trump's Locker Room Braggadocio"


Rebekah Mercer, Long Island billionaire (center), doesn't care whose pussy Trump grabs

I don't think of myself as a philanthropist; in fact, it never crossed my mind until I sat down to write this post. But recently I gave a 7-figure endowment to a university, earmarked specifically to a program for kids from extremely poor families. About a year ago the school decided to honor me with a dinner and ceremony on campus. I was very flattered... until they told me who my fellow honoree was to be. It was none other than Ted Cruz's biggest single campaign donor, Robert Mercer, the far right extremist hedge fund operator. Since then, he's become Trump's biggest single campaign donor. But back then, he had already given Ted Cruz SuperPAC, Make America Number 1, $15,500,000. Uh oh. That's not likely to make good dinner convo. And he's a really big donor-- not some meager endowment, but whole buildings and programs. Fortunately someone at the university read DWT and figured out it was an unfortunate pairing and decided on two separate ceremonies instead.

So... I never met the guy. I know he's a urine fanatic, a poker fanatic and a right-wing fanatic and that he cheats his employees out of their miserly wages, by docking their pay if they forget to close a door, allow a picture on the wall to shift downward or restock his shampoo. He would keep score of each employee with his own demerit system. Someone could lose $20 if a bottle of shampoo get below a third full, for example.

Unlike Trump, Mercer is both an ideologue and an actual billionaire. He's the man behind the curtain in the Trump campaign and, although, he wouldn't be caught dead inside Trump Tower himself, he controls the operation through three of his employees, Steve Bannon, the campaign CEO, and KellyAnne Conway, the campaign manager and David Bossie, vicious, rabid attack dog. He placed all 3 miscreants inside the campaign, presumably after they proved themselves by keeping the shampoo bottles at Mercer Manor topped off.

Anyone who held out a glimmer of hope that Mercer might pressure Trump to step out of the race and let Cruz or Pence run in his place, were disappointed yesterday when Mattea Gold at the Washington Post reported that the Mercers are still as enthusiastic about Trump as ever. She wrote that "GOP mega-donors Robert and Rebekah Mercer, two of the most influential figures in Trump's orbit, said Saturday that their support for the GOP nominee has not faltered in the slightest after a tape revealed crude remarks he made about women a decade ago."

Either the Trump Tower statements about this were written at Mercer Manor or the Mercer Manor statement was written at Trump Tower. Here it is in all it's full right-wing lunatic fringe glory:
If Mr. Trump had told Billy Bush, whoever that is, earlier this year that he was for open borders, open trade, and executive actions in pursuit of gun control, we would certainly be rethinking our support for him. If he had admitted to Mr. Bush that he had profited privately by allowing the sale to Russia of 20% of US uranium deposits or that he had amassed his personal fortune not by hard work in the private sector but by selling favors to foreigners on the American taxpayers' dime, we would certainly be rethinking our support for him. If he had argued that he needed both a public and a private position on issues facing the American public, we would certainly be rethinking our support for him. And finally if Trump had serially terrorized and silenced the victims of violent sexual assault whom he feared could damage his political career, we would most definitely be rethinking our support for him.

Donald Trump's uncensored comments, both old and new, have been echoed and dissected in the media repeatedly in an effort to kindle among his supporters a conflagration of outrage commensurate with the media's own faux outrage. Can anyone really be surprised that Mr. Trump could have said to Mr. Bush such things as he has already admitted saying? No. We are completely indifferent to Mr. Trump's locker room braggadocio.

The same media that resolutely looked away when the most powerful man in the world, a sitting U.S. president with multiple violent sexual assaults to his credit, snared an impressionable young intern in his web and ruined her life, now expects us to gasp with revulsion at Mr. Trump's irreverent comments. America is finally fed up and disgusted with its political elite. Trump is channeling this disgust and those among the political elite who quake before the boombox of media blather do not appreciate the apocalyptic choice that America faces on November 8th. We have a country to save and there is only one person who can save it. We, and Americans across the country and around the world, stand steadfastly behind Donald J. Trump.
A source close to Rebekah Mercer told us just minutes ago that she is beside herself with rage, claiming Bannon wrote "that trash" and fed it to the press without getting her permission to release it. What goes around, comes around, as they say-- the Mercers paid to bring those poor tormented props who accuse Bill and Hillary Clinton on sexual assault to the debate last night. The Mercers paid their airline tickets, hotels and all their expenses. It turned out to be very remunerative for the accusers.

UPDATE: Other Republican Donors...

Although the crazy Mercer family is doubling down on their investment Trump and Breitbart, CNBC reported that two major Republican donors who sent money to Trump, want their money back. Both are "mortified" to have discovered Trump's sick, predatory attitude towards women. ""I cannot support a sexist man," wrote one. "I have three young children and will not support a crude sexist man," the second donor wrote. "I expect a refund of my donation. Please process immediately and I thank you for your help." Both are not just donors but "bundlers" and one of them raised over a million dollars for Trump.

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At 5:47 PM, Anonymous Exit 135 said...

"(Trump’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner, helped mastermind the stunt, The Post reported today. Kushner, too, is a media figure — the owner of the New York Observer. And Trump himself, of course, signed off on it.)" Washington Post, 10/10/16 @ 3:39 PM. Margaret Sullivan.

Jared Kushner, 35, Ivanka's husband, is the son of Charles Kushner, a NJ real estate developer convicted of making illegal campaign contributions, tax evasion, and witness tampering. He served 2 years in federal prison. Chris Christie was US Attorney for the District of New Jersey. - wiki.

From the 1980's a large majority of class A office buildings and corporate office parks in the wealth belt of north & central New Jersey was a Kushner property. The kid, Jared, seems to be a punk. By my reading of the press, he has a large influence in trumps thinking. He, along with Bannon are the attack guys in trump central.

In trumps nascent media 'empire', I expect Jared Kushner to play a future role. I just see him as a nasty piece of work.

My question is his relationship to Rebecca Mercer. Mercer was reported furious with the campaign for bringing the Arkansas women to the debate. My eyes are on Mercer, the money behind the campaign. And Kushner, because he is family.

At 3:23 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wealth corrupts, and great wealth corrupts greatly.

At 12:47 PM, Anonymous Exit 135 said...

Donald Trump’s New Attack Strategy: Curb Clinton Vote. WSJ. By MONICA LANGLEY.
Updated Oct. 11, 2016 10:54 p.m. ET

In an interview with Andrea Mitchell, 10/12/16, Monica Langley confirmed trumps inner circle consists of: Rupert Murdoch, Bannon, David Bossie, Kellyanne Conway, and Jarred Kushner.

Langley confirms trump only listens to and takes advice from Bannon and Kushner now.

A right wing lunatic and a 35 year old punk are burning the republican party to the ground.


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