Monday, September 12, 2016

Party Unity Means Something Different In English Than It Does In Beltway-Speak


The DSCC website lists all the Democratic candidates running for Senate this cycle-- except one. And they're not just listing the big battle grounds like Ohio, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Illinois, Arizona, Florida and New Hampshire. The DSCC includes races where no one thinks there's one chance in 100 for the Democratic candidate to win-- like in Idaho where some guy named Jerry Sturgill is taking on Mike Crapo and in South Carolina, where Pastor Thomas Dixon is challenging Tim Scott. The most recent poll in Idaho shows Sturgill with support from 20% of registered voters. The DSCC doesn't mention the Kansas or Alaska nominees-- respectively a right-wing fellow named Patrick Wiesner and Berniecrat/former state legislator Ray Metcalfe-- by name, but at least that mention that the states have Senate contests.

The one set they don't mention is Utah. Why? The woman who won the primary against the conservative Democrat the DSCC wanted to see get the nomination is Berniecrat Misty K. Snow, a cashier in a convenience store. She beat conservative Blue Dog Jonathan Swinton 28,929 (59.40%) to 19,774 (40.60%). But she's transgender and that's a bridge it far for homophobic slobs Chuck Schumer and Jon Tester, so they erased Utah from the DSCC election map. It doesn't exist. Misty is polling better in Utah than Jerry Sturgill is in Idaho. But... she's pure working class; she's not connected to the insider establishment in any way; she's 100% progressive and independent minded and was a fighter for Bernie's successful Utah campaign (which won every single county in the state and embarrassed Hillary 79.3% to 20.3%). And then that transgender thing; Schumer just couldn't hack the idea. Party unity only just goes so far... for the establishment.

Bernie and Elizabeth Warren,on the other hand, are out on the road campaigning for DSCC candidates coast to coast. There really aren't many Senate Democrats with any star power or who could appeal to the base, certainly not Schumer or Tester. Who would show up to see either of them-- unless it was people with rotten tomatoes (or bribes)?

Last Friday Elizabeth Warren was with mediocre former fracking lobbyist and Schumer recruit Katie McGinty at the University of Pennsylvania with McGinty. This coming Friday Bernie will be with McGinty at Carnegie Mellon in Pittsburgh, both progressive superstars trying to jazz millennial voters up for the lackluster political hack no one but the establishment thought would be a good candidate. Friday McGinty claimed she'll be on board with Warren's agenda in the Senate. I'll believe that when I see it.

Bernie has also endorsed-- and will presumably campaign for-- DSCC candidates in Ohio (Ted Strickland's moribund campaign), New Hampshire (where he and Warren could probably do conservative Maggie Hassan some good), Nevada (where Harry Reid puppet Catherine Cortez Masto is struggling) and in the one state that makes sense, Wisconsin, where the Democratic veteran, Russ Feingold, is an actual progressive like Warren and Sanders. (So far the only U.S. Senate candidate endorsed by Bernie OurRevolution organization is Feingold.)

Remember, when it comes to the DC Democratic establishment, which stinks to high heaven with corruption, "party unity" will always be a one-way street-- and to someone like Chuck Schumer or Jon Tester, a working class transgender woman with the temerity to beat their candidate in a fair contest makes her one thing: roadkill. Blue America only has two Senate candidates we've endorsed going into November. You can find them both by tapping on the thermometer:
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