Sunday, September 11, 2016

Does America Need A More Authoritarian President?


Early yesterday-- just after midnight-- Señor Trumpanzee had one of his notorious Twitter freakouts, this one about Tony Schwartz, the guy who virtually lived with him "day and night for 18 months" and then wrote Art of the Deal and allowed El Trumpanzee to take co-author's credit despite the fact that he was the subject of the book, not the author of even one word of it. Trump's tantrum (below) was a reaction to Schwartz's appearance on Anderson Cooper's CNN show (above). Trump, it should be remembered, has been threatening to sue Schwartz.

Schwartz responded to Cooper's question about Trumpanzee affinity for brutal Russian dictator Vladimir Putin, by explaining that Trumpy-the-clown "is at heart a deeply, deeply insecure man and he is a sucker for flattery... He reveres authoritarians because he dreams of being one... Here is one of his favorite phrases: 'I love that guy; he's a killer'... Anybody who does know him well knows who Donald Trump is and no one who knows him well would doubt that to be a dictator and to be able to control everything would be his dream come true."

It scares me that over a third of Americans seem incapable of discerning Schwartz's simple diagnosis-- or that they just don't care. Is life that bad-- that hopeless and that devoid of meaning-- that they'd just as soon throw it all away? That's what a vote for Trump is: throwing it all away. Remember, Hitler kind of won an election too... supported by the same kind of ignorant, hate-filled losers who support Señor Trumpanzee today. Life's losers... they vote too, I guess.

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