Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Zephyr Teachout Challenges Billionaire Political Puppeteer And Hedge Fund Crook Paul Singer To A NY-19 Debate


This video is unbelievably great and awesome and I've never seen anything like it and it makes me so damn proud that Blue America endorsed Zephyr Teachout on the same day she announced she was running for Congress in the Hudson Valley/Catskills district Chris Gibson is leaving. Please watch the clip. Zephyr actually challenges one of the ruthless hedge fund managers underwriting the campaign of a puppet Republican opponent to a debate. She'll debate Faso too of course, but she wants to debate Republican billionaire and puppet-master Paul Singer. Karoli Kuns, the managing editor of Crooks and Liars turned me on to the clip yesterday and did this guest post for us:

Hedge Fund Billionaire Pledges $500,000 To Defeat Zephyr Teachout
-by Karoli Kuns

Zephyr Teachout's campaign for Congress is Ground Zero for fighting billionaires and SuperPACs. There is no clearer difference in political outlooks than the contest between Teachout and her Republican opponent John Faso.

After discovering that ultra-rich, reclusive New York hedge fund manager Paul Singer has pledged $500,000 to a SuperPAC supporting her opponent, Teachout issued a challenge in the video above. She's calling for Singer to come to her district and debate the issues faced by constituents there.

As she says, Singer is a privatizer who never met a trade agreement he didn't like. Offshoring is his middle name.

Howie Klein noted earlier this year that her district is definitely winnable. I view it as where the political revolution Bernie started can win and win big.

$500,000 is a lot of money, and her average donation is $15. So if you can help her fight the billionaires, please do.

This is how we fight a political revolution against millionaires and billionaires. One district at a time.

Update: Howie Klein tells me that it's not just Singer. Robert Mercer has also pledged $500,000 and Singer just added another $100,000. They're really afraid of her, aren't they? Their SuperPAC, which has already spent close to a million dollars in NY-19 this year is called  New York Wins PAC, to which there are only 4 donors, Mercer, Singer, Thomas Tisch and Peter Kalikow.

Let the political revolution begin HERE.
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I am with Teachout! She would be great for NY!


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