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Why Are People More And More Sick Of The Trumpanzee By The Day?


The Trumpanzee said the polls are fixed against him. So who's fixing the poll showing him doing the worst so far? The Fox New poll which questioned registered voters nation-wide between July 31 and August 2-- entirely after the twi conventions and after Trump's latest meltdown had begun. The poll shows Hillary-- not exactly a Fox News favorite-- beating Señor Trumpanzee 49-39%, with 5% going to other candidates and 4% saying they're staying home.

As Trump has continued to slam Obama, the president's approval rating has steadily risen. It went from the low and mid-40s at the end of last year into the high 40s this spring and now stands at 52%. Of the 10 most salient issues (+ 6 other issues), Clinton led Trump is voters' perception of who would best handle almost all of them.
Climate change- Clinton 59%, Trumpanzee 28%
Race relations- Clinton 60%, Trumpanzee 32%
Education- Clinton 58%, Trumpanzee 35%
Drug addiction- Clinton 54%, Trumpanzee 35%
Foreign policy- Clinton 55%, Trumpanzee 39%
Health care- Clinton 53%, Trumpanzee 42%
Immigration- Clinton 51%, Trumpanzee 44%
Terrorism and national security- Clinton 47%, Trumpanzee 47%
Federal deficit- Clinton 44%, Trumpanzee 49%
The economy- Clinton 45%, Trumpanzee 50%
Making decisions about using nukes- Clinton 56%, Trumpanzee 34%
Looking out for you and your family in tough economic times- Clinton 51%, Trumpanzee 40%
Nominating the next Supreme Court Justice- Clinton 51%, Trumpanzee 43%
Preserving and Protecting the Constitution- Clinton 49%, Trumpanzee 42%
Restoring trust in government- Clinton 43%, Trumpanzee 43%
Destroying terrorist groups like ISIS- Clinton 42%, Trumpanzee 51%
Asked if they thought the two candidates are qualified for the presidency, 65% said Hillary is and just 43% said the Trumpanzee is. 61% said Hillary is not honest and trustworthy and 62% said the same thing about Mr. Trumpanzee. 64% she had the right temperament to be an effective president and 37% said Trump does. 72% said she had the knowledge necessary to be an effective president but only 40% thought Trump does. And one last thing: 69% of respondents said they consider Trump's response to the Khan family to be out of bounds.; only 19% said it was in bounds.

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By the way, the local polls today in battleground states were even more devastating for the Trumpanzee, showing astonishing losses everywhere-- and showing the disgust for the GOP in general with their Senate incumbents losing as well. Maggie Hassan, for example is now leading incumbent Kelly Ayotte 50 to 40% in New Hampshire and even Katie McGinty, the DSCC's weakest recruit after Patrick Murphy in Florida, is beating Pat Toomey in Pennsylvania 39-38% among likely voters. This chart, with Hillary dominating the Trumpanzee in Pennsylvania, Michigan and New Hampshire spells doom for his campaign and is going to be scaring the living daylights out of Republican strategists all day today and will dominate the conversations inside the party hierarchy right into tomorrow. Hillary has a better chance to win in red bastions like Utah, Arizona and Indiana than Trump has to win in traditional battleground states like Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin. The Trumpanzee foray into Portland, Maine isn't going to calm anyone's nerves in GOPLand, I can tell you that, not while they're looking at numbers like these:

My old friend Jim wrote an essay yesterday that helps explain-- certainly better than a fixed Fox Poll-- why the Trumpanzee is in the crapper.

This is How America Treats the Families of Her Honored Dead
-by Jim Kennemur

On April 4, 2004 Army Specialist Casey Sheehan volunteered to go on a rescue mission in Sardar City, Iraq. He and 7 other American soldiers died in a multiple RPG and heavy arms attack during that mission.

Two months and two days later Army Captain Humayun Khan told his company to stand down and take cover as he investigated a suspicious vehicle in Baqubah, Iraq. The vehicle exploded killing Captain Khan, two Iraqi civilians and the two suicide bombers inside.

Captain Khan's parents have been in the news recently because they took the stage at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia calling out Donald Trump for his bigoted rhetoric aimed toward Muslims in the United States. His voice quivering with emotion, Captain Khan's father looked into the camera and said, "Donald Trump, you have sacrificed nothing."

  As I watched this emotional scene on TV I had two thoughts. First, that the Khans were about to be attacked and vilified as they had never been before. They were.

And secondly, I though of Cindy Sheehan, the mother of Casey Sheehan, who literally camped out in a ditch in the Texas heat to call out the people who fabricated the war that killed her son.

Two families suffering and grief stricken. Two families trying to get on with their lives.

Then it struck me. What has been going on in Cindy Sheehan's life since those summer days in Crawford, Texas. How is she coping?

Here from her blog, Cindy Sheehan's Soapbox is the answer to that question:
Do Tell Obama?

The latest media kerfluffle over Donald Trump's rude remarks about the Khan family (Mr. Khan attacked Trump for Hillary Clinton at last week's DNC) has brought a lot of attention to when I spoke out against George Bush and his wars beginning after my son was killed.

The weirdest thing about my part in it is that so-called liberals have been making the absurd claim that Bush was "kind" to me compared to Trump's treatment of the Khans.

Of course, there is no documentation that George Bush ever publicly said anything rude about me, but the attacks on my character and lies about the antiwar movement and Camp Casey have the bloody claw prints of Bush's attack dog, Karl Rove all over them. Republican politicians and right-wing media had a wonderful time going after me and no one accused them of being disrespectful.

I would like to address what Obama told the conference of disabled veterans, though, quoted above.

I have never stopped protesting the US's wars since Obama assumed command of the Evil Empire. I have been arrested a few times right in front of his White House protesting his war. I have been manhandled by the police; dumped in a cold cell with no food for 53 hours once; received a stay-away order from the perimeter of the White House that came with a six-month jail stay if I violated it and the Justice Department sent three US Attorneys from DC to Sacramento to persecute me for being a war-tax refuser.

Like Bush, Obama has refused to meet with me to discuss his continuation of the Bush wars.

So, what I really think the Drone Bomber meant, was that only Gold Star Families who do not oppose him and his Imperial violence and treachery should be "honored."

Should Trump apologize to the Khans-- of course, but the Democrats should quit pretending they care about people whose children they slaughter with their support for the wars against mostly Muslims in Arab countries. They only fake-care in elections years.

Democrats shed huge crocodile tears for my son and for my story until they got what they wanted, then we very unceremoniously got kicked to the curb.

  The hypocrisy is stunning, but what is even more stunning is that there is one person left in the US who believes any of the filth that spews out of the mouth of any politician.
So there you have it. The military industrial complex continues to grind out profits and our political leaders continue to pay lip service to the cannon fodder they have spun into gold.

The Khan family deserves better. The Sheehan family deserves better. America deserves better.

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At 11:51 AM, Anonymous Sue said...

Please stop insulting chimpanzees with yur trump nickname
These primates are intelligent and very skillful politicians in their own societies

At 3:01 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Have you ever - ever - seen such a one sided media frenzy that the anti-Trumpocalypse has become? It is embarrassing.

At 3:46 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Trump's brought on the criticism and condemnation himself, placing himself squarely on the opposite side of good, smart, compassionate, and even the possible. The media FOR A CHANGE is getting something almost 100% correct.

And yes, I have seen it before, and it WAS NOT JUSTIFIED when all of the media ganged up on Al Gore, making up nonsense claims about him and passing along others' nonsense claims about him, giving Gore one huge communal eye-rolling as if he weren't the well-qualified, level-headed, anti-Bush. It cost Gore the credibility that was required to sufficiently challenge the rigged Florida vote. And that gave us Bush and the frantic and violent world scenario we are strugging with today.

Trump deserves his whipping. The media are finally getting something right. Enjoy it. It won't last!!


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