Thursday, July 28, 2016

So What Does Sweaty Little Marco REALLY Think About Trump?


Republicans embarrassed by Trump's boneheaded statements keep saying he'll stop all the crazy and dangerous talk once he is given the knowledge about... (fill in the blank, any blank). Last week it was Arkansas warmonger Tom Cotton trying to control himself after Trump said he might not defend NATO allies in the Baltic region from Russian aggression. Wednesday it was Sweaty Little Marco, a dishonest and deceitful former male prostitute, who tried assuring voters-- Florida voters-- that Trump's going to be just fine.

Yesterday Rubio, walking his silly electoral tightrope, told WGN listeners that Trumpy-the-Clown will refine his policy views once he begins having access to better information as the nominee: "[T]here’s something to be said for, once you’re actually in that position, once you’re actually working at this thing, and you’re in there, and you start to have access to information that perhaps you didn’t have before, especially for someone who’s never been in politics, I think it starts to impact your views a little bit." He didn't say how little. As little as Donald's tiny little hands? But when asked by the host "How concerned are you about his ability to do the job regardless of how you feel about Hillary?" Rubio couldn't keep up the front. "I view the Senate," he tiptoed through the tulips, "as a place that can always act as a check and balance on whoever the next president is." The host, aware of what Rubio really thinks about Trump, asked "How much of that though is hope?"

And Sweaty Little Marco started sweating profusely. "It’s an open question in some ways," he admitted, "but in the other way I would say to you we know exactly what we’re gonna get with Hillary Clinton. To me, that’s even more concerning."

What has Marco said about Trump in recent months-- when he wasn't worried about winning Trump voters who picked Trump over him in every single county in Florida except Rubio's hometown?

Well, aside from telling the whole world that Trump has a small or deformed penis, Rubio called him "vulgar" and a "con man" and insinuated he has "knowledge of commercial real estate and international beauty pageants" and nothing else. He pointed out on national TV that Trump is "always making things up. No one holds him accountable for it" and that "A con artist is about to take over the conservative movement and the Republican Party, and we have to put a stop to it. He is wholly unprepared to be president of the United States."

So what's changed. Well, that map just above does help understand how bad it was for Little Marco in some parts of Florida. Rubio wasn't just beaten by Trump in his home state, he came in third in many counties and Trump just slaughtered in up and down the state. These are a dozen crucial GOP counties:

Dixie- Trump- 63.4%, Rubio- 11.8%
Gilchrist- Trump- 58.8%, Rubio- 12.1%
Hamilton- Trump- 56.8%, Rubio- 12.3%
Suwannee- Trump- 49.7%, Rubio- 15.0%
Wakulla- Trump- 43.1%, Rubio- 15.2%
Glades- Trump- 59.2%, Rubio- 15.2%
Levy- Trump- 57.6%, Rubio- 15.3%
Taylor- Trump- 53.5%, Rubio- 15.9%
Washington- Trump- 45.2%, Rubio- 16.0%
Lafayette- Trump- 52.0%, Rubio- 16.4%
Union- 52.3%, Rubio- 16.9%
DeSoto- Trump- 58.2%, Rubio- 17.1%
What do you think happens if Trump decides to go after Rubio the way he's going after Cruz and Kasich? If Rubio doesn't kiss Trump's ass, he's toast... but if he kisses it too much, his one bastion of support, Miami-Dade, will turn against Rubio if he's viewed as being too supportive of the vulgar con man.

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