Monday, June 06, 2016

Democrats Will Pick Their Nominee On July 25-- No Matter What Rachel Matthews Claims


Tonight Hillary and her media allies are trying to claim she already won; it's a lie. Tomorrow's a big day here in California. Ignore the Clinton-press-- like Maddow-- and keep in mind that as Californians vote for the 470 delegates they pick tomorrow, Hillary and Bernie are just 270 delegates apart. And he's leading in the polls-- with momentum. If independent voters turn out in big numbers-- he leads her 50-34% among them-- he can run up a significant victory.

RT makes MSNBC look like Fox News by comparison. Watch Lee Camp (above) doing his Redacted Tonight show on RT, explaining why the "pledged" super-delegates don't mean squat 'til they vote in Philly on July 25th. Pretty different from the garbage Maddow has been spewing since they removed her brain and replaced it with something-or-other they grafted from a scraping they took from Chris Matthews cranium.

Damn! I wish my TV got that channel! Oh, and by the way, let's remember the stakes here, OK?

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At 11:47 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The headline's abrupt and such, but please read the 'why' in the short piece.


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