Tuesday, May 31, 2016

What Else Do Donald Trump, Patrick Murphy, Kevin McCarthy And Debbie Wasserman Schultz Have In Common?


Chicken Trump has perfected a snarl as a defense mechanism

Sure, all 3 squirrely Florida self-promoters own homes on the east coast of the Sunshine State, but that's not the answer today; it leaves off McCarthy. Today is about the fear of being exposed in a public debate. Did Trump actually debate when he was up on stage at the 17 ring circus during primary season? When Cruz challenged him to debate ideas, mano-a-mano, Trump's deformed little penis shriveled and he ran for the hills. He never debated any ideas, because he has none. He has catch-phrases and marketing ploys that he intersperses with insults and childish bullying name-calling. That's not a debate.

When he accepted the idea of debating Bernie-- something that millions of voters would love to see-- he immediately flip-flopped on the idea, realizing he is incapable of a debate centered on a clash of political philosophy, since he has no political philosophy on which to base any positions at all. His only philosophy is narcissism. So he sought to worm out of it by putting up an impossible barrier-- a $10 million fee, all proceeds to non-profits helping battered women. Within 48 hours, $21 million had been pledged. Cornered like a rat, Trump mumbled something asinine about him debating Bernie being inappropriate. Does that mean politically incorrect?

I wonder how long the sobriquet "Chicken Trump" will last and if it helps some of his supporters see through his carefully-crafted marketing techniques that have painted him as some kind of a macho superhero, when he's just a frightened little blustering bag of hot air?

And then there are tangled up in blue conservaDems Debbie Wasserman Schultz and Patrick Murphy, who also never engage in debates with opponents. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, who did best/worst to sabotage debates between Bernie and her status quo candidate for president as DNC chair, has steadfastly refused to debate Tim Canova in her own congressional district. She's been a politician since 1988-- and an elected official since 1992-- so why is she trembling to debate an ideas-oriented Democrat in a primary race? Why is she so scared to get up in front of an audience of Broward/Miami-Dade voters and defend her long-held positions on payday lenders, Big Sugar, trade treaties, private prisons, medical marijuana, effective Wall Street regulation? She'd much rather hire political snakes like Steve Paikowsky to slither around South Florida spreading false information about her opponent. Much easier for a candidate who thinks campaigning is telling her constituents how she's fighting imaginary Republican opponents with no traction at all.

Patrick Murphy won't debate; instead he campaigns by posing for photos with right-wing extremists like Rick Scott & Chamber of Commerce President Joseph Catrambone

Patrick Murphy... can't even make a case that he's really a Democrat. The thought of debating a brilliant, values-oriented progressive like Alan Grayson turns him into a quivering mess of jelly-like substance. Nor did he ever debate any candidate, ever. He has nothing to say and is petrified of being exposed in front of voters and the media for the charlatan and poseur he is. Even his first opponent, right-wing ideologue Allen West marveled at Murphy's utter lack of substance. Every Democrat in the country wanted to debate GOP crackpot Allen West-- but Murphy hid away from confronting him for the entire campaign, counting on his daddy's and the Saudis' money to speak for him. West laughed that Murphy "doesn’t want to be in front of the public, he has no ideas, he does not address any of the issues, he is the emptiest of an empty suit-- I think he’s just a name on the ballot."

Murphy's been propped up by his rich-- and crooked-- Republican parents, a family of Saudi Arabian billionaires, Wall Street banksters and corrupt Democratic party bosses like Chuck Schumer, Harry Reid and Alcee Hastings.

It doesn't matter if a candidate is a Republican or a Democrat. If he's refusing to debate, he doesn't deserve your support or your vote. On Long Island, entrenched Republican-- and Trump endorser-- Peter King has refused to debate DuWayne Gregory, his Democratic Party opponent and the presiding officer of the Suffolk County legislature, a slap in the face to every voter in the congressional district. There are incumbents all over the country-- from both parties-- who refuse to debate serious contenders. That should be enough of a reason to not vote for them. Probably the goofiest response to a debate came from Republican foot-in-mouth Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy to the debate request in his Bakersfield district by the Chamber of Commerce. The progressive Democrat in the race, Wendy Reed, accepted immediately. McCarthy said he would send an unnamed staffer as a surrogate. Reed pressured the Chamber of Commerce, which had agreed to that absurd proposition, and the Chamber backed down and said no surrogates allowed. So the debate, which was scheduled for tonight, was called off by McCarthy. "If he can't represent himself in an open, public debate," Reed told us today, "why should we think he'll represent the people of the district?" You can contribute to Reed's campaign by clicking the thermometer:
Goal Thermometer

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At 5:13 AM, Anonymous Exit 135 said...

Obama to attend fundraiser for U.S. Rep. Patrick Murphy before traveling to Palm City
Posted: Yesterday 12:19 p.m. [6/31/16]

By Isadora Rangel, isadora.rangel@tcpalm.com

"Before he travels to Palm City, President Barack Obama will attend a Miami fundraiser for Treasure Coast U.S. Rep. Patrick Murphy on Friday.

Obama is expected to travel to Palm City on Friday evening to play golf at the exclusive Floridian club and will remain through Sunday before returning to Washington, D.C. While in Miami, he will attend events for the Democratic National Committee and the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, which raises money for Democrats running for the U.S. Senate, the White House said..."



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