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Chuck Schumer Is Still Trying To Ram Patrick Murphy-- Damaged Goods-- Down Florida Democrats' Throats


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What a mess Wall Street's campaign to drag Patrick Murphy into the Senate has turned into! The Finance Industry has already poured more money into Murphy's campaign than into any non-incumbent running for the Senate from either party-- $1,403,150. But there are now so many campaign finance scandals that no one can keep up with them all-- although it does look like, at the minimum, Murphy's parents will be charged with some of the same criminal activities that Ami Bera's father is awaiting sentencing for. The even bigger scandal involves one of Saudi Arabia's richest and most powerful families financing Intelligence Committee member Murphy's political career, with hundreds of thousands of dollars in bribes, some legal and some decidedy not legal. And let's not forget the EB-5 visa scandals and the flood of bribes from Nicholas Mastroianni.

Murphy has a way of getting his friends and allies into trouble. After voting to establish the Benghazi Committee/witch hunt against Hillary, he managed to bring to the country's attention that Saudi Royal family top adviser, shady billionaire Nasser Al-Rashid, gave between one and five million dollars to the Clinton Library, the same Al-Rashid family that is funding Murphy and many of his crooked congressional cronies. Those crooked congressional cronies have been sending back Al-Rashid's tainted money as fast as they could-- even Dirty Harry Reid returning a $100,000 check from Ibrahim Al-Rashid that he gave Dirty Harry to help Murphy's primary against Alan Grayson. Ibrahim was found guilty of brutally beating up his wife, who just happened to be... Patrick Murphy's Finance Director. The scandal has spilled over to tarnish Nancy Pelosi (who insists on holding onto the $150,000 Ibrahim gave her PAC), Joe Garcia, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Lois Murphy, Steve Israel, Eric Swalwell, Charlie Crist, Alcee Hastings, etc. The list of congressmembers the Al-Rashids have donated to reads like... a list of Patrick Murphy endorsers.

And, as though this wasn't enough for Privileged Patrick, the Miami Herald broke a story this week about how he bullshitted voters about his academic credentials-- or lack thereof. He lied when he claimed he earned "degrees in accounting and finance" from the University of Miami, a school where he is remembered as someone who was drunk and stoned every day. The Herald calls his premeditated lie "an exaggeration," pointing out that he earned a single degree in business administration.

That’s not the same as the “dual degrees” Murphy claimed to have earned in the biography on his U.S. House website or the “degrees” he mentioned in his campaign biography... Internet archive records show how Murphy’s descriptions of his education evolved in recent years.

Murphy first falsely claimed “earning dual bachelor’s degrees” during his first U.S. House race in 2012. After he took office, Murphy’s House and re-election campaign biographies were correct and had accurate descriptions of his single bachelor’s degree.

But the embellishment resurfaced-- on both biographies-- when he announced his bid for U.S. Senate in March 2015... Shortly after Murphy was first sworn in to Congress in 2013-- as the chamber’s youngest member at the time at 29 years old-- his official House biography correctly described him as having “earned his B.S. in business administration from the University of Miami, graduating with dual majors in accounting and finance.”

It remained that way for more than two years, until at least Feb. 22, 2015, internet archives show. But by a month later-- March 24, a day after Murphy launched his U.S. Senate campaign-- it changed, sounding slightly more impressive.

“He earned his B.S. in business administration from the University of Miami, graduating with dual degrees in accounting and finance,” reads an archived copy of the webpage captured that day.

About six months later-- sometime between September and October last fall-- the biography was amended once again with a simpler, but more inaccurate, description:

“He graduated with dual degrees in accounting and finance from the University of Miami,” Murphy’s House website read. It still had that claim as of Monday morning, before his staff amended it to read “dual majors.”
I guess this explains why Joe Biden, whose own presidential hopes were dashed when he was caught plagiarizing a speech by British Labour Party Leader Neil Kinnock in 1988, called Murphy the "real deal" while campaigning for him recently. Biden was confused at first, thinking Murphy was the former working class congressman and Army vet from Pennsylvania, also named Patrick Murphy, but just went with the flow anyway since he was already down in Orlando. And this story in yesterday's Tampa Bay Times about Murphy's dishonesty, is just the tip of the iceberg. Florida is abuzz with the major scandal about to break over the serial liar who his father, the Saudi ruling class, Harry Reid and Chuck Schumer decided should represent Florida in the U.S. Senate. He long bragged about helping clean up the BP oil spill. But he didn't. He didn't do a damn thing but get drunk, party and chase hookers. And then lie about it to invent a fictitious résumé.

If you want to help keep this kind of garbage out of the Senate-- don't we have enough corrupt conservatives in the Senate already, please consider contributing to Alan Grayson's grassroots campaign by tapping the thermometer:
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Alan must be laughing himself sick! Reid tried to paint him as a hedge fund criminal.


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