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Will Alex Law Actually Hoist The Norcross Machine On Its Own Petard?


Team Alex

It's been a long hard climb for Alex Law in his campaign for South Jersey's first congressional district, currently controlled by the blatantly corrupt Norcross Machine, which installed Donald Norcross last year when their last puppet, Rob Andrews, was told my federal investigators to either resign immediately or face prison. Two more months to go and Law continues gaining momentum in the district across the river from Philly, a district where the media doesn't even pretend that they can't cover the race in any way that would offend the Norcross Machine.

In fact, the Norcross Machine controls everything in the district, even the office of the county clerk, which runs elections. Last week we reported on how Norcross' Machine systematically rigs the ballots so that casual voters never even see the names of establishment opponents. Alex explained what they do-- bracketing-- in this video:

This week Alex decided to beat them at their own game and put together a bracketed ticket with two outstanding candidates who could really damage the power of Norcross' venal machine at the level it would hurt most-- the freehold level, that controls much of the money flow that keeps Norcross' regime of corruption viable. Yesterday, Alex introduced his two freeholder candidates, police union president Steve Kelly and public schools advocate Mo'Neke Ragsdale, to his supporters in Camden, Cherry Hill, Berlin, Glassboro and all along the Delaware riverfront from Palmyra down to the state of Delaware. "I wanted to take a second," he wrote, "to tell you why having Steve and Mo'Neke bravely step forward with me is so important. This election isn't about 'Alex Law,' this election is about making sure that the people of South Jersey have leaders that put them first. For too long, our leaders in this corner of the world have put their own financial interests ahead of everything else and this must end. Having such wonderful Freeholder Candidates like Steve and Mo'Neke running with me means that when we win, not only do we take the Congressional Seat, but we also bring balance and much needed new perspective to the Freeholder board which governs the county."

JT Aregood covered the development for PolitickerNJ yesterday. He wrote that "The addition of the two freeholder candidates could be a shrewd maneuver for Law, who will need to attract city residents to an outspent campaign that has mostly resonated with suburban progressive voters."
Singleton-Ragsdale ran for city council in Camden’s first ward in 2015, where she lost to sitting councilwoman Dana Burley. She works with Save Our Schools New Jersey and serves as Vice President of Save Camden Public Schools. Kelly heads the NJ State PBA Local 328 of Audobon, Barrington, Haddonfield and Haddon Heights.

“I could not be more excited to have them on my ticket,” Law said. “Mo’Neke is an amazing community organizer and education leader in Camden. Steve is a police union President, 16 year veteran of law enforcement, and a tireless advocate for local, community based education from Barrington.”

Law has made hay of opposing the powerful Camden County political machine headed by Norcross’ brother George Norcross III, and of criticizing its signature accomplishments in Camden city. Law published a stinging critique of Norcross’ tax-incentive-based approach to luring businesses and developers to the city earlier this month, and opposes the proliferation of Norcross “Renaissance” charter schools in the Camden school district. He has also argued that Camden’s 2013 integration of its police force with the county’s has not led to a significant reduction in crime. Norcross has a commanding lead in fundraising, with $319,195 cash on hand to Law’s $10,336.
Goal Thermometer Blue America has raised $12,739.93 of the $29,948 he had raised as of December 31. We'll need to at least double that in the next two months for him to accomplish the on-the-ground goals he's laid out that will lead to him winning the race. (Donald Norcross has raised $770,393, has already spent $343,056 and is hoping to set the stage for being able to grab Senator Robert Melendez's seat when Menendez goes off to prison or makes a deal to resign instead of going to prison. Hasn't New Jersey suffered enough with the corrupt politics? We have 4 ActBlue pages collecting contributions for Alex. The thermometer on the right will take you to Blue America's main congressional page. If you think there's even a glimmer of hope that the Democratic Party can once again become a vehicle for the legitimate aspirations of working families, please consider making as generous a contribution as you can to Alex Law's campaign. This is one of the most grassroots-oriented congressional campaigns I have ever seen in my entire life and Alex and his team have earned whatever support we can give him.

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UPDATE: Norcross Is Scared To Debate

The Gloucester, Camden and So. Burlington chapters of the NAACP joined with the Jewish Federation of South Jersey, the League of Women Voters, and the Islamic Center of South Jersey to host a NJ-01 congressional debate. Alex Law immediately accepted. Donald Norcross immediately hid under his bed.

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At 9:49 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good move. With the exception of rural Waterford Township, all of Camden County is in the 1st CD.

But more than half of neighboring Gloucester County is also within the 1st CD, and Alex should try to find Freeholder candidates as running mates there.

All seven current members of Gloucester County’s Board of Chosen Freeholders (as NJ’s county legislatures are called) are “Democrats”--actually, Norcross Christiecrats. And the two seeking re-election this year are two of the weakest. They’d be vulnerable to credible primary challengers.

Democrats win Freeholder elections in the 1st CD partly because the GOP puts up such weak candidates, and partly because the candidates at the top of the Republican ticket are usually even weaker.

Viable anti-Norcross candidates for Freeholder would certainly give progressives an extra incentive to turn out and vote for Alex--and for Bernie--in the June 7 primary. But there’s another, less obvious reason to run challengers in GlouCo. The county is also home to Senate President Steve Sweeney, and a loss of four Freeholder seats (two in CamCo and two in GlouCo) would weaken the machine, and could save us from having the Norcross-controlled Sweeney as the state’s next governor.


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