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Political Machines Steal Elections... It's What They Do-- And That Doesn't Just Mean The Evil Republicans


DNC Chair-- and congressional payday lender stooge-- Debbie Wasserman Schultz is certain that if she wound up on the witness chair in a court case she would be able to get away with her serial attempts to sabotage Bernie Sanders' campaign on behalf of her old crony, Hillary Clinton. How do I know? She was bragging about it to Maria Bartiromo on Fox Business News Monday morning. "There is just no shred of evidence to suggest that I’m favoring Hillary Clinton... I’m not doing a very good job wrapping up the nomination for her if I were favoring Hillary Clinton."

But no one ever accused Wasserman Schultz of being competent and that isn't the question. The question also isn't whether or not a slick lawyer could get her off. Numerous DNC members have spoken out to she's been cheating at every twist and turn, doing whatever she can-- big or small-- to stick a spanner in the wheels of Bernie's campaign... just the way she has spent her whole ugly political career disadvantaging progressives and reformers. Because the GOP has never seriously tried to hold her accountable, many Broward and Miami-Dade Democrats are hearing for the first time that they have one of Congress' most corrupt members representing them. Luckily, they're not hearing it from an equally unsavory Republican, but from a reformer and progressive Democrat, Tim Canova. In fact, Tim addressed Wasserman Schultz's cheating-- against Bernie and against himself-- in an email to supporters yesterday. "There is no question," his campaign spokesperson wrote "that the Democratic establishment is throwing the kitchen sink at insurgent progressives like Bernie Sanders and Tim Canova." They claim that there's no shred of evidence that could pin the cheating on her is "an insult to our intelligence."
It was no accident that the presidential debates were scheduled during professional and college football games, as well as long holiday weekends. It was no coincidence that Bernie Sanders and our campaign were denied access to the Democratic Party’s voter file. It is not just dumb luck that establishment candidates keep winning elections-- they are literally rigging the system to favor them.

We are the grassroots and we are a threat to their power.

This election is about fairness, plain and simple.

It’s about economic fairness, because almost all of the new wealth in this country should not be going to the billionaire class and Wall Street bankers.

It’s about social fairness, because everyone deserves a shot at realizing the American Dream regardless of race, creed, gender, status, or sexual orientation.

It’s about judicial fairness, because mass incarceration falls heaviest on minority and disadvantaged communities.

It’s about environmental fairness, because wealthy communities would not be waiting two years to address poisonous lead in drinking water-- like the people of Flint, Michigan.

It’s about political fairness, because the system is rigged against the grassroots and everyone deserves an equal voice in our elections.

America has strayed too far away from its founding democratic principle of fairness-- but we can find our way back together. It starts by beating Debbie Wasserman Schultz in this election and sending a powerful message to the Washington establishment.
And, of course, Tim Canova's and Bernie's campaigns aren't the only ones being sabotaged by the corrupt Democratic Party establishment. Schumer is orchestrating an attempt to destroy the career of the most heroic Democrat in Congress, Alan Grayson. And the vile Norcross Machine in south Jersey he worried enough about Alex Law's campaign to put their efforts to steal the election into motion. Yesterday Alex let his supporters know that his campaign has "filed a lawsuit against the Camden County Clerk for their refusal to tell us their secret ballot laws. After a call with Bernie's national campaign yesterday, I learned that they are facing the same stonewalling that we are, as we both attempt to get fair placement on the ballot so voters have a clear choice on June 7th. I just want you to know that we have an incredible team working on this issue, and that we will not allow these establishment bureaucrats to create back-room rules that give a distinct advantage to Machine politicians." is covering the establishment's blatant attempts to protect their corrupt candidate, Norcross Machine little brother, Donald. Michelle Caffrey wrote that "Law is arguing he's been stonewalled in his attempts to get answers about how the clerk's office places candidates on ballots and is concerned Norcross could unfairly get a prime ballot spot while Law is exiled to "ballot Siberia." The suit, filed by Cherry Hill attorney Alan Schorr, claims the practice violates Law's right to equal protection under the Constitution."
"Why not just have it out there in the open?" Law said Monday afternoon. "There shouldn't be secret rules in our Democracy. It flies in the face of everything we as Americans think about how things should be done."

A spokesman for Camden County said Law's lawsuit is without merit, as the clerk's office cannot offer candidates legal guidance regarding bracketing and ballot placement, and that its bracketing and ballot placement procedures follow state statute.

"This baseless and frivolous lawsuit is a waste of taxpayer dollars on nothing more than a publicity stunt," said county spokesman Dan Keashen. "The county clerk does not provide political advice for anyone's campaign. The statute on bracketing is clear and we believe this matter will be dismissed."

Law is specifically focused on whether candidates who are bracketed-- meaning they're running on a ticket with candidates for other offices and listed with them in the same column-- are given preferential treatment over candidates running on their own.

"I don't care if we get the first column or second column, I would just like to have the same treatment as Mr. Norcross in the drawing," said Law, referring to the random drawings county clerks hold to determine what column each candidate appears in. "I'm just asking for fair treatment on the ballot."

After a series of calls, meetings and written correspondence between the Law campaign and the clerk's office over the past three months-- including a rouse where a Law campaign staffer pretended to be working on a school project to secure a meeting-- Law said he was still being given the run-around and filed the suit as a "preemptive" measure.

The suit cites a letter from Camden County's counsel that states the county could not answer Law's "hypothetical" questions until the clerk received all ballot applications and got a full picture of the candidate pool.

"Mr. Law has the right to know the rules before deciding whether to bracket with other candidates. He has the right to know what the procedure will be so that he does not get 'shunted to the outer columns' like the Clerk did to the candidates in the 2014 election," the lawsuit claims, and includes an image of the 2014 ballot. "1 N.J.S.A 19:49-2 specifically states that the county clerk makes the rules. There is no statute for Mr. Law to consult. The sole authority lies with the clerk."

In the coming days, Law said he will announce two Democratic freeholder candidates he'll be bracketing with on the primary ballot, but he's still concerned the clerk will leave them no time to launch a legal challenge against the ballot if he thinks it's been designed to benefit his opponent.

A court hearing is scheduled for April 6, Law said, but he's also seeking a preliminary injunction to require the clerk to announce its ballot placement procedure by March 31 so candidates can be prepared for the April 4 ballot application deadline.
This is how the Jersey political machines work, especially for the Christiecrats like the Norcross brothers. There isn't a campaign in the country, though, as agile in overcoming the establishment roadblocks. It's worth helping him... and Tim Canova fight back against the anti-democratic nature of their arrogant, entrenched opponents. Please consider an amount you can afford and split it between Alex Law and Tim Canova, south Jersey and south Florida:
Goal Thermometer

UPDATE: Big Breakthrough For Canova

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At 7:27 PM, Anonymous ap215 said...

Well written article DWT right on point.

At 12:14 PM, Blogger TorrentPrime said...

Another lying post on another anti-Democratic Party dirty trick site.

Sanders got denied the file because his people cheated and hacked the DB, and as far as Democratic Party incumbent challengers go, you don’t hand over keys to the main bank vault before someone even starts working there! Some total stranger wants to challenge a Democrat, and PS he wants access to the lifeblood of political campaigns: voter information. Sorry, kid, win an election first and work for the party, and then you get access to the important things.


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