Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Rand Paul Hits The Nail On The Head: Audit The Ted


I have to say this Rand Paul swipe at Ted Cruz is hilarious-- and I just couldn't resist sharing it. Disclaimer: DWT is not Cruz-country. But we have a sense of humor and love laughing along with our Republican friends. Rand:
Recently, Senator Ted Cruz decided to skip the vote on "Audit The Fed." Cruz has claimed to be been a long time supporter of "Audit The Fed" but when the vote came up in the Senate he was no where to be found.

However, this is not the first issue that Ted Cruz has flip flopped on or failed to address. Ted Cruz also supported the repeal of the Patriot Act, but chose to vote in favor re-authorizing it.

´┐╝In 2012, Ted Cruz also failed to disclose a $1,000,000 loan from Goldman Sachs when he ran for Senate. While claiming to be a grassroots candidate, Ted Cruz certainly has no issue receiving special favors from Wall Street and Crony Capitalists.

If we can't trust Ted Cruz to show up for a vote such as "Audit The Fed" and to refuse special favors from Crony Capitalists like Goldman Sachs, then we can't trust him to our President.
Even No-Show-Rubio showed up to vote to audit the Fed (as did Bernie Sanders). Perhaps the Wall Street backers who own Cruz told him to not go to work that day. Or maybe he was at a fundraiser. Schumer may have told his Wall street allies that Bernie might be able to rally a few Democrats for the audit so that they should try to discourage Cruz from coming. As it was only Bernie and Tammy Baldwin stayed true to the idea of the audit. Even those we expect more from let us down on that one.

I'm curious about one thing, though. If Rand's attacks on Cruz help turn Iowa caucus voters off and Trumpf wins, is that a good outcome? For anyone? Or is Rand just lashing out because he feels betrayed by Cruz?

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At 11:34 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sarah Palin would be happy if Donald Trump won in Iowa.


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