Sunday, January 17, 2016

Iowa Trolling-- Karl Rove Style


There's nothing especially false in the American Crossroads ad Rove's group-- largely financed by Wall Street banksters and oil billionaires-- has just started running against Hillary in Iowa. It's an effective, thought-provoking ad about a politician who takes money from Wall Street banksters and then works to carry out their agenda. It certainly fits Hillary Clinton almost as strongly as it fits Jeb Bush, Chris Christie, Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz and the rest of the sorrowful "deep bench." The messenger, however, defines the definition of mere hypocrisy. Among the Rove backers who have paid for this cynical pitch are Wall Street arch-criminals like Paul Singer (who has given Rove $2.6 million), Ken Griffin ($950,000) and Warren Stephens ($500,000). And, again, Hillary's opponents, at least her Republican opponents, are far, far worse than she is in this regard, taking much more Wall Street money-- especially Jeb and Cruz-- and bowing down to their every wish. Once again, Hillary is the lesser of evils, her forte.

Let's start with the $30 million pledge from New York hedge fund crook Robert Mercer to Ted Cruz, $11 million of which has already been delivered. That's the single biggest Wall Street investment in any political campaign this year-- by the way. Now there's more to banksterism's interference with electoral politics than just how much each campaign has taken in from the Securities and Investment Industry-- real estate, insurance, commercial banks... they're all counted separately. Let's compare each of the Wall Street candidates campaign's contributions from the Financial Sector (as of October 16, 2015):
• Jeb- $49,386,209
Cruz- $26,875,697
Hillary- $8,697,514
Christie- $5,728,304
Rand Paul- $3,609,935
Rubio- $3,228,563
So, yeah, the banksters and their affiliates have given Hillary's campaign almost $8.7 million-- pretty horrible-- but they've given her Republican opponents... well, over 10 times that amount. Rove didn't mention that in the ad though, nor how much bankster money went into making the ad and getting it up on television.

Please watch Bernie's analysis of how the U.S. system is morphing into an oligarchy. And consider making a contribution to his campaign today. Why does Bernie attract the animosity of the billionaires and multimillionaires and their well-fed servants in the media? If he wins, they lose. Today he released the details of his health care plan-- please take a look at how he plans to finance it... as anathema to the billionaire class as Social Security was when FDR introduced it.

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