Sunday, January 03, 2016

Donald Trump as Tokyo Rose


-by Noah

For those who don’t know, because history just isn’t really taught in schools anymore, Tokyo Rose was the name of one or more female broadcasters operating out of Tokyo during WW2. Tokyo Rose broadcast pro-Japanese propaganda to U.S. troops in the Pacific war, bent on demoralizing them, paralyzing them with fear, or, worse, trying to get them to either desert or come over to the other side if they could. Every war has had variations of such things.

Unlike Tokyo Rose, Herr Trumpf is much more successful. It seems that the majority of Republican voters and media are buying every bit of the un-American load he is selling.

With that in mind, imagine for a moment, if Herr Trumpf was somehow, however unlikely, a Democratic candidate for his party’s nomination whose putrid words and thoughts were used in the recruitment videos of terrorist organizations as those of Trumpf have been used by al Qaeda affiliate group al Shabaab has, according to several major news outlets. Imagine the conspiracy tales coming from FOX “News.”

Imagine the hyperbolic clown show congressional hearings being held at taxpayer expense by lunatic Republican politicians like Trey Gowdy and Darrell Issa if Hillary Clinton’s or Bernie Sanders’ words were used like Trumpf’s have! It would be the Benghazi orgasm that republicans dream about, with great, great shame, of course.

If it had been a Democrat’s words, this news would not be reported by the networks as just one of many news items of the day. No, the clip of the al Shabaaab recruiter would be running as an endless loop 24 hours per day, much like the clip of President Bill Clinton giving a quick embrace to Monica Lewinsky as he greeted his White House staffers in the Rose Garden ran so many years ago.

The al Shabaab video that we are now seeing dwells on our country’s racial strife. It is in English and is aimed at recruiting U.S. Muslims and African-Americans.

While it’s true that Donald Trump is not the only Republican extremist to say things like he has (“Jeb” Bush had previously called for the banning of all non-Christian immigrants and Marco Rubio had called for the closing of mosques, with virtually no media mention of any kind); when the charge that Trumpf’s words were being used to recruit terrorists was made by Hillary Clinton and others a copule of weeks ago, Hate Radio and the other usual suspect corporate news outlets erupted in insincere protestations that it simply was not true that Herr Trumpf’s words were now recruitment tools. Even apologies were demanded of Ms. Clinton.

Now that we can all see an actual clip, all we hear from republicans seems to be the ocean, or is just the proverbial crickets? Sometimes, the healthiest way to respond to Republicans and the damage that they do is to respond with derision and laughter. What else can we do but that and vote them into the oblivion that they deserve.

Here’s Andy Borowitz on what the most likely reaction to the al Shabaab recruitment video will be from the megalomaniacal Herr Trumpf.
Trump Calls His Al Qaeda Recruitment Video Highest-Rated Terror Video Ever

Just minutes after the Somali-based Al Qaeda affiliate Shabaab group released a propaganda video featuring a clip of Donald Trump, the Republican Presidential front-runner boasted that the video would be the highest-rated terror video of all time.

Within an hour of the video’s appearance, Trump took to Twitter to crow about his role in the jihadist promo, and tweaked his G.O.P. rivals for failing to be chosen by Shabaab.

“Shabaab would never put Jeb in video,” Trump tweeted. “Knows he is loser!”

But even as the billionaire boasted about his inclusion in the terror video, the prospect for future collaborations between Trump and Shabaab seemed to dim, due to a series of escalating demands issued by the real-estate magnate.

In a cascade of tweets directed at the terror group, Trump insisted that he be paid two million dollars for every subsequent video and that he retain editorial control over the final cut.

In a terse official statement, a Shabaab spokesman said that the terror group was “discontinuing our relationship with Donald J. Trump.”

“He’s just too hard to work with,” the spokesman said.

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