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3rd Quarter Fundraising For The Blue America-Endorsed House Candidates And Their Opponents


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I'm working on a colossal multi-part investigative piece about how the DCCC undermines and sabotages the campaigns of progressive candidates and it's going to be a couple more days before I have all the pieces neatly tied together. But since the investigation had me pouring over FEC reports, I thought I'd share with you the third quarter financial results from the candidates for the House that Blue America has endorsed. Keep in mind, you can contribute to any or all of these men and women at this Blue America ActBlue page. As you can see, some of our candidates need more help than others.


Lou Vince raised $13,000 and has $9,000 on hand
Maria Gutzeit raised $24,000 and has $9,000 on hand
Steve Knight (GOP incumbent) raised $77,000 and has $360 on hand


Nanette Barragán raised $115,000 and has $211,000 on hand
Isadore Hall raised $192,000 and has 497,000 on hand


Bao Nguyen raised $54,000 and has $50,000 on hand
Joe Dunn raised $131,000 and has $130,000 on hand
Jordan Brandman raised $91,000 and has $107,000 on hand
Lou Correa raised $70,000 and has $151,000 on hand


Pat Murphy raised $69,000 and has $87,000 on hand
Monica Vernon raised $253,000 and has $564,000 on hand
Rod Blum (GOP incumbent) raised $123,000 and has $939,000


Mike Noland raised $77,000 and has $72,000 on hand
Raja Krishnamoorthi raised $416,000 and has $72,000 on hand


Joseline Peña-Melnyk raised $137,000 and has $305,000 on hand
Anthony Brown raised $180,000 and has $253,000 on hand
Glenn Ivey raised $127 and has $391,000 on hand
Dereck Davis raised $112,000 and has $206,000 on hand
Christopher Warren self-funded $23,000 and has $97,000 on hand
Ingrid Turner raised $15,000 and has $135,000 on hand


Jamie Raskin raised $375,000 and has $694,000 on hand
Kathleen Matthews raised $564,000 and has $892,000 on hand
Will Jawando raised $159,000 and has $196,000 on hand
Kumar Barve raised $132,000 and has $276,000 on hand
Ana Sol Gutierrez raised $56,000 and has $162,000 on hand
David Anderson raised $22,000 and has $48,000 on hand


Paul Clements raised $149,000 and has $135,000 on hand
Fred Upton (GOP incumbent) raised $235,000 and has $829,000 on hand


Carol Shea-Porter raised $86,000 and has $39,000 on hand
Shawn O'Connor raised $18,000 and has $820,000 on hand
Frank Guinta (GOP incumbent) raised $109,000 and has $350,000 on hand
Dan Innis (GOP insurgent) raised $110,000 and has $109,000 on hand


Alex Law raised $7,000 and has $3,000 on hand
Donald Norcross (incumbent) raised $377,000 and has $257,000 on hand


Ruben Kihuen raised $149,000 and has $299,000 on hand
Susie Lee raised $284,000 and has $573,000 on hand
John Oceguera raised $131,000 and has $146,000 on hand
Lucy Flores raised $70,000 and has $74,000 on hand
Cresent Hardy (GOP incumbent) raised $187,000 and has $555,000 on hand


Eric Kingson raised $98,000 and has $85,000 on hand
John Katko (GOP incumbent) raised $191,000 and has $664,000 on hand

I asked Alex Law, who brought in close to the most of any of our candidates on our Blue America page, but the least overall, what happened this quarter. He told me that he hadn't started doing any traditional fundraising yet. "All of our time has been spent on field. We've knocked on over 20,000 doors and been carrying our message (which has resonated very well) to as many people as possible. In my estimation, that was needed as I have not held office before and do not have a wealthy family with connections to call on. With that said, now that we have a record of smart campaigning and hard work to point to, we have a few fundraisers lined up for this winter. Our target number is $150,000. If we raise that, we will have the money we need to win. More would be great, with less I still feel we will be competitive. He spent almost 60 dollars/vote last time in the primary which is astronomically terrible. We should be able to spend 10x more efficiently than that, at least." The "he" Alex is referring to is the brother of New Jersey political boss, George Norcross. Little brother Donald is the most corrupt politician in the state-- and we're talking about New Jersey, so... Norcross is also a virulently anti-environment conservative and frequently votes with the GOP despite representing a deep blue (D+13) district that Obama won against Romney 66-34%. Most of the worst turncoats, like Gwen Graham, Brad Ashford and Kyrsten Sinema can while that Romney won their districts-- in the case of the 3 I just named, respectively, with 52%, 53% and 51% (oh, sorry... Cinema's district swung blue and Obama won it with 51%, same as the percentage he won in 2008 when McCain ran.) Unfortunately there's no primary challenge against Sinema this cycle. Luckily there is one for Norcross.

Can you help Alex and the other Blue America-endorsed candidates raise the money they'll need to get their messages out to the voters? The establishment candidates tend to tied up all the establishment money and it just becomes tougher and tough for grassroots candidates to participate in electoral politics. The DCCC literally tells candidates who aren't wealthy to not run-- and they're not kidding, either. Again, you can find our endorsed House candidates all on this one page.

Time put up the coolest chart this morning which has nothing to do with Blue America but was too awesome not to mention. It's interactive and lets you pick a 2012 candidate so you can see who that candidate's donors are giving to this cycle. Some are pretty precictable. The pyschopaths who donated to Muchele Bachmann 4 years ago have given the most to Ted Cruz as did the lunatics who helped fund Herman Cain. Of course, the folks who doled out the bucks for Romney have Jeb as their number one this year (with Ted Cruz a surprising second). Some are giving money to Hillary and some even to O'Malley, Webb and Lessig-- none to Bernie though. And the Obama donors are giving overwhelmingly to Hillary. Bernie's in second place and a few gave money to Jeb Bush. Rick Perry donors like Cruz, as do Rick Santorum's and Newt Gingrich's donors. Most predictable is that most of Ron Paul's donors money has flown to his son Rand (Cruz #2).
Perhaps most surprising, more Romney money has flowed into Democrat Hillary Clinton’s coffers (more than $640,000 so far) than has been given to Republicans Rand Paul, Carly Fiorina or Chris Christie. Meanwhile Jeb Bush has collected nearly $125,000 so far from 2012 donors to Obama.

The picture of this chart shows how $20,627,093 in Romney donor money from 2012 has been divided up so far this cycle:

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Not a penny of Romney money for Bernie! That tells the whole story.


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