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There Seems To Be A Trump Wing Of The GOP Starting To Field Its Own Senate Candidates-- Like Sharron Angle


Thank God I didn't throw out the Sharron Angle art

As if the Republicans didn't have enough bad luck countering their advantages over the lame and incompetent Democrats-- between the crackup in Congress and the crackup in the presidential race-- now they're facing the hideous prospect of another Sharron Angle race. Yes, she's back (maybe). This PS on a letter from two psychotic Nevada teabaggers, Republican state Senator Don Gustavson and Assemblyman Brent Jones:
We can do this. I support Don and Brent sending this letter to you asking for your support to run for U.S. Senate. Many of you have asked if I’m going to run in 2016, when in reality, you have the answer to this question. YOU are the one who will decide the future of our country. Your financial support for this effort will make the decision much, much easier. I’m praying for your continued support so we stop the radical transformation that is happening to our country today.

Sharron Angle
Not what the national or the state party want to hear. They have their safe Establishment candidate already, Rep. Joe Heck, who has worked hard to come across as a relatively mainstream conservative. That isn't what Angle's supporters are looking for though and there's every chance in the world she can beat him in the June 14th primary-- and then go on to lose to former Attorney General Catherine Cortez Masto in the November general election.

In extolling Angle's virtues Senator Don Gustavson and Assemblyman Brent Jones immediately started talking about Trump and attacking other Republicans ("Republicans for Reid" and "blatant tax raising Republicans"). "The fact is Sharron Angle’s record is now the most conservative in Nevada in actual votes at the Nevada Legislature and as a leader in Nevada on the most important issues of our time," they bragged. "Like us, Sharron Angle is fighting each day to protect and defend the country we love, from being transformed into something we will not even recognize. We need you to join this fight to protect America from a very uncertain future. One important difference between Sharron and all the other candidates in the race for the U.S. Senate is her vocal opposition to the Commerce Tax, Nevada’s new income tax on businesses and the creation of the Nevada IRS in the 2015 Nevada Legislature. We both fought hard to defeat this new tax and Sharron publicly took a stance at the Nevada Legislature to oppose it. If we had more leaders like Sharron as elected officials opposing the Commerce Tax, it would not have passed earlier this year. You will remember, it was Sharron’s and Senator Don Gustavson’s leadership in 2003, along with thirteen other fearless legislators that defeated this type tax that session. We need a clear voice in Washington D.C. to stop government-gone-wild. Everyone agrees, including Sharron, that government does good things that we support. Unfortunately, some politicians use government to do things that hurt all of us and benefit themselves. That has to be stopped before it’s too late! We Need Sharron’s Clear Voice On These Issues!" And then they list the 6 issues that are appealing to the Trumpish base:
The State of the Economy-- In 2010 Sharron said, “Government is waterboarding the economy.” Nevada is now #1 in home foreclosures, again. Politicians in both parties have been saying how much better things are, raising taxes, and handing out money to their friends (crony capitalism) instead of actually doing something to improve the economy.

Reversing Government Healthcare-- The Affordable Care Act and the expansion of Medicare into the government run health care system known as Obamacare has been a failure based on the benchmarks of the people who created it. You can’t keep your doctor and it’s more expensive. Once again, Sharron is on the cutting edge helping us repeal the Nevada Obamacare Exchange.

Common Core-- Sharron is leading on the issue of Student Data Privacy, testifying on the bills we introduced in the Nevada Legislature, and introducing the petition that is currently being circulated to amend the Nevada Constitution. Parents and their children are the owners of the data collected on them, not the government and the corporations they are selling it to.

Securing the Border-- It’s still not done, and the United States is very vulnerable in many ways. Sharron has a consistent record of demanding border security first. When we in the state of Nevada discuss securing the border, we are concerned about two distinct issues. First the issue of foreign policy and national security. We have good existing laws that because they are not enforced allow a breach in government’s first Constitutional mandate which is to provide for the common defense. Second, border violators from other countries are committing violent crimes against Americans, dealing in drugs and human trafficking as well as undercutting our economy in the workplace. Our “domestic tranquility” is threatened on every side by this nonchalant attitude of elected officials at every level.

Taxes And The Federal Reserve-- Sadly, over the past six years even with Republicans in the majority, we are no longer hearing about an audit of the Federal Reserve or simplifying our income tax structure to make it fairer and flatter for the middle class. No wonder this Presidential year voters are eager for “real change” candidates. Politicians on both sides of the aisle and at all levels of government, from the state to the federal, have failed to keep the conversation going, let alone deliver any meaningful change on the financial issues that impact us every day. Instead, incumbent politicians have not only maintained the status quo but they are now dealing with scandals, like the IRS targeting conservatives, the NSA collecting data on every American, and the VA neglecting our patriots wait under mountains of paperwork for earned and deserved medical treatment. We should be hearing daily from those in government advocating on these issues, but there is a deafening silence. No wonder the American voter is saying, “You’ve had your turn. It’s time for courageous voices to take over the reins of government.” It’s Sharron’s turn.

Environmental Protection Agency-- The EPA is doing everything they can to make your electricity bills go up and declare federal ownership of any body of open water. The EPA is one of many unconstitutional out of control, over-reaching and expensive federal agencies. These agencies are like dinosaurs, destined for extinction under the right leadership.
The rest is mostly all the "send money" stuff you'd expect. This isn't going to be the only primary that features a relatively mainstream conservative against a crackpot wing-nut-- and in every single race the crackpot wing-nut is forcing the guy who desperately wanted to run in the general as a mainstream candidate far over to the right. David Jolly, for example, is running against Tea Party lunatic Ron DeSantis, announced, along with nearly a dozen crazed extremists from the so-called Freedom Caucus, that he will be voting for deranged crackpot Daniel Webster.

In Illinois, where Mark Kirk is sometimes the only Republican crossing the aisle to vote with the Democrats he has one Tea Party challenger already, Ron Wallace (not a real threat) and one rumbling about running, Hate Talk Radio host and neo-fascist former congressman, Joe Walsh. Walsh's line is that "Mark Kirk can't win and everyone knows it. He isn't capable of campaigning and he's forever lost grassroots conservatives. Governor Rauner and the Party establishment know he can't win, but have given up on keeping that seat. That's wrong. Having Kirk near the top of the ticket will hurt all Republican candidates on the ballot below him."

And, of course, in Arizona wing-nut circle there is endless rumbling about a challenge to John McCain. An over the top state senator, Kelli Ward, is already in, but not viewed as a real threat. A delusional Tea Party freak, Joanne Lopez-Cervantez, is running as an independent, which could conceivably help right-of-center faux-Democrat Ann Kirkpatrick beat McCain in the general. But the McCain-hating rightists' fondest hopes are to get either of two extremist congressmen, David Schweikert or Matt Salmon (who keeps saying "thanks but no thanks") but both seem too busy making the House ungovernable to stray into a tough election campaign).

In Ohio Melissa Strzala is running a low-key Know Nothing campaign on Facebook against Rob Portman, but isn't expected to get more than a handful of protest votes. Her platform seems to revolve around little more than primitive racism and deporting immigrants. She does have 2 Youtube videos though:

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