Saturday, August 08, 2015

Lifestyle Watch: Roz Chast shows us "How to Take a Nature Walk"


by Ken

Possibly this won't be of interest to you country-livers and fitness fanatics, though wise people know that they can always learn something from, you know, everything. And many of the rest of us would like at least to make a gesture toward a fitter lifestyle, and where better to start than with a nature walk? By amazing coincidence, The New Yorker's Roz Chast, that fearless embracer of all things new and improved, has lately tackled this very subject, and as a public service we pass on Part One of what looks to be an ongoing project -- though perhaps extremely ongoing judging by the portion of the material covered so far.

Herewith, Part One of Roz Chast's "How to Take a Nature Walk" (note that each of the panels is clickable):

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