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From NJ to Maine, Big Rat Bastard Gummers of a feather flock together: Part 2, Our old pal, the Big Rat Bastard Gummer of NJ


Yes, it's not one but two Big Rat Bastard Gummers, last week in Becky's Diner in Portland, Maine, where the Pine State's gummer endorsed the gummer of the Garden State for president.

by Ken

In yesterday's Part 1, we focused on the twice-elected "Idiot Thug Running Maine," a figure who to an almost unique degree combines rolling-in-the-aisles buffoonery with the ability to strike terror in the hearts of citizen students of American government and American society. A man who might be the fraternal twin of the original Big Rat Bastard Gummer of NJ.

The original Big Rat Bastard Gummer is now devoting time -- precious time he could be spending corrupting, influence-peddling, and browbeating terrorizing people who disrespect him (e.g., by speaking the truth) -- to waiting for an apology from "the liberal media." On Monday Erik Wemple chronicled this startling development on's Erik Wemple Blog, in a post called "Chris Christie asks media to apologize for bridge coverage. Journalists say no way":
In a Fox News interview yesterday, Republican New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, a recently declared presidential candidate, called on the media to apologize for its coverage of the lane closures on the George Washington Bridge. Speaking to Fox News Sunday substitute host Shannon Bream, Christie said, “And you know what happens when the media, Shannon, gets crazy over a story, like they got crazy over Bridgegate and were convicting me the day afterwards of heinous acts. Now, when they realize that there’s no truth to what they said, now they say, ‘Oh, he didn’t do anything, but he created an atmosphere,'” said Christie. “Well, you know, that’s what the liberal media does when rather than saying ‘I’m sorry,’ which is what they should say.”
"Journalists," Erik wrote, "are not saying anything of the sort," and he's got the quotes to prove it:

• "Steve Kornacki, the MSNBC host who has provided extensive coverage of the scandal says: 'From my standpoint, I have nothing to apologize for.' "

• "Martin Gottlieb, editor of The Record of North Jersey (formerly known as the Bergen Record), says: 'We've never reported anything without reporting it fairly and exhaustively. I'm very, very proud of the way we've done this.' "

• "Dean Baquet, executive editor of the New York Times, writes in an e-mail: 'I think our coverage of the governor has been fair. So can't imagine a reason for an apology, but happy to hear if he has a complaint.' "


They and their organziations haven't done anything that calls for an apology. On the contrary, they've been doing their job.

As usual -- as in most every time the Big Rat Bastard Gummer opens hs big rat bastard mouth -- the Krispyman is lying his stinking guts out in that little Fox Noise vignette with Shannon Bream. No one with a working brain has suggested anything that could be remotely construed to mean that "he didn't do anything." There just isn't yet direct evidence of a link between the boss and all the appointees of his who have been implicated by those amazing e-mails in the scheme to shut down the Fort Lee approach to the George Washington Bridge, to punish Fort Lee Mayor Mark Sokolich for declining to endorse the Big Rat Bastard Gummer's reelection campaign.

As MSNBC's Steve Kornacki pointed out to Erik Wemple:
In the weeks leading up to the explosive e-mail revelations, notes Kornacki, Christie was dismissive of reporters who pried into the alleged wrongdoing. He even joked about his role in the matter. “Unbeknownst to everybody, I was actually the guy out there — I was in overalls and a hat — but I actually was the guy working the cones out there,” he riffed. Media organizations, however, stayed on the trail. “There was something to this story and Chris Christie had insisted there wasn’t,” says Kornacki, who calls Christie’s fixation with his own non-involvement a “straw man.”
The fact is, the degree of Krispy administration involvement in Bridgegate which can already be demonstrated via the e-mails is simply staggering. These are all people who were appointed by him, were close to him, and were presumably doing the jobs he put them in their positions to do -- far-right governance via intimidation and brazen disregard for ethics or law.

The Bi Rat Bastard Gummer conveniently forgot to mention on TV that he had already thrown a turdload of KrispyKrats under the bus, and that already two of them have been indicted and another has pled guilty in Bridgegate-related charges. (Maybe the reason he's so confident that none of them can successfully throw him under a bus is that the bus hasn't been built that he can be thrown under, not to mention the number of people who would have to be involved in such a throw-under.)


Covering not just Bridgegate but such Krispy horrors as his administration's threat to withhold Sandy relief funding for Hoboken (from the federal government, not even state money) if Hoboken Mayor Dawn Zimmer didn't go along with one of his multimillion-dollar influence-peddling schemes, his systematic transformation of the already far from pure Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, a traditional politcal patronage dumping ground, into both a funder and an enforcer of his agenda to promote white-collar crime (well, the right kind of white-collar crime, the kind that benefits KrispyKronies and rich people he'd like to make KrispyKronies). That's just to name some of the high points.

The Record's Martin Gottlieb touched on this in his conversation with Erik Wemple.
When asked about the thrust of the Christie reporting, Gottlieb noted that his paper has tracked the allegations into all kinds of fertile tributaries, including this piece from last weekend about how the Port Authority is under siege from investigators: “More than 15 officials — including three in-house attorneys — have lawyered up amid an escalating investigation into the Port Authority’s decision to redirect $1.8 billion in toll money from its Hudson River crossings to fix roads in New Jersey.”

“The story keeps moving,” adds Gottlieb. “What he’s doing now doesn’t seem very exceptional in terms of blaming the press,” he continues, “but I think the facts are what they are.”
And this worthless pile of putridity, the Big Rat Bastard Gummer of NJ, has the effrontery to claim that he's owed an apology? In what demented and degraded universe is he living?

And the Rat Bastard has the pure gall to go on Fox Noise to accuse "the liberal media" of slandering honest folk and then refusing to apologize? I'm sorry, he's just not that stupid. He must know perfectly well that "liberal media" apologize all the time when they get stories wrong. It's his pals in the far-right-wing media, notably the Fox Noisemakers, who make it their goal to destroy political enemies by whatever means necessary, not giving a damn when they cross into blatant fictionalizing (aka "lying").

Instead of demanding an apology, not to mention mounting a campaign for the presidency, this grotesque buffoon should be going on TV to announce his resignation owing to his intolerable corruption and unremitting assault on decent New Jerseyans. That's what he needs to say, but an apology wouldn't be unwelcome.

NEWS FROM THE KRISPY KAMPAIGN's Alexandra Petri shared these "Rejected Chris Christie slogans," explaining: "Through some acts of imagination and a variety of derring-do, I got a look at what might have become his slogans. I think he picked the strongest one." This is how you can tell it's satire: why, the very idea of the Big Rat Bastard Gummer going with the truth -- ha ha ha!

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