Saturday, July 11, 2015

Here's a shocker: The Sarah Palin Channel goes SPLAT! (But don't worry, you can now get crapnews from Princess Sarah for free!)


No, the "LEARN MORE" link in the above screen grab (click to enlarge) isn't live. It's a video you can watch by going to the Sarah Palin Channel website.

by Ken

"The who-what channel?" you say. "Uh, the Sarah Palin Channel? Oh, right, I vaguely remember that. Sorta."

Ah, it was only a year ago that this breakthrough in America media was announced to great fanfare -- or at least as much fanfare as a a heavily over-fanfare-laden media world could muster. You could get a month's worth of content from America's Princess at a monthly rate of a mere $9.95, or a full doggone year for a mere $99.95. It sounds as if those who were quick enough on the draw will just about get their year's worth of, well, whatever the hell the princess was peddling.

The good news, if you're a glass-half-full kind of person, is that the channel is still there, sort of. Not only is Princess Sarah not simply vanishing into . . . well, wherever dark hell she came out of, but now her content is being repriced to more accurately represent its actual value. (It still seems way overpriced to me, but that could just be me.) Here's the news from the AP:
Palin says she's making her content free on Facebook and her political-action-committee website

(JUNEAU, Alaska) — Sarah Palin’s foray into a subscriber-based online channel, where she could connect directly to viewers without a media filter, is shutting down.

The Sarah Palin Channel launched last July, with membership rates of $9.95 a month or $99.95 annually. Starting Aug. 1, Palin says she’s making her content free on Facebook and her political action committee website.

In a recent video announcement, Palin said that with a presidential election coming up, she wants to make sure her voice and others are heard by the widest possible audience. She told subscribers she looked forward to continuing to hear their ideas and sharing her own.

The channel was part of the TAPP video platform. A spokesman for the public relations firm representing TAPP said the company doesn’t disclose subscription numbers and wishes Palin well.
I don't know anything about the TAPP video platform, but that kiss-off sounds to me like your old Bob and Ray "Write if you get work" bye-bye wave.

Over at Daily Kos, Walter Einenkel shares the news about "everyone's favorite quitter" with the ungracious thought that making her content free isn't an entirely philanthropic gesture on the part of the Sarah Palin Channel's proprietor.
Come on now, Sarah. You're a grifter. If your subscription site was making money you wouldn't open it up. We know that.
Walter also provides an, er, public service by sharing the following information, which you can be damn sure I wouldn't go through the ordeal to gather:
You can get free Sarah Palin content here!

Videos with titles like:
Religious liberty

Honoring Selfless Heroes

Raising Patriots

Still No Obama Plan To Defeat ISIS

Moose Meat: It's What's For Dinner!
No, none of those titles are made up.
It should be a relief to all to know that they won't have to face this challenging election season without the kind of wisdom and inspiration, not to mention moose recipes, that only America's Princess can provide.

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