Wednesday, June 24, 2015

A Prominent Psychologist Looks At The GOP Presidential Candidates-- And Hurls


The contenders

Dr. Tiffany Sanders has a PhD and is a licensed psychologist and certified Chicago school psychologist. She did a brief psychological analysis of part of the Republican 2016 presidential field-- and it looks pretty piss-poor. She doesn't trust politicians to keep their word when it comes to upholding campaign promises to constituent groups once they're elected and safely in seats that rarely change. She specializes in treatment of depression, anxiety, trauma and other mental health challenges, treatment a lot of Republicans will need late next year... or treatment all of America will need the following year. Here's how she graded each of the candidates:
Jeb Bush

Positives: Confident and experienced.

Negatives: Entitled and privileged due to the presidency because of family’s lineage. Americans may feel uncomfortable due to the Iraq war fallout from his brother.

Grade: C

Ted Cruz

Positives: Organized, efficient.

Negatives: Rigid, Unknown, uncertainty of who he is and what he stands for. Lacks personality. which may make it hard for others to connect with him as an everyday American.

Grade D

Rand Paul

Positives: Rebel rouser and gutsy… willing to take risks and to openly object to those within and outside of his party.

Negatives: Aggressive, Dominating and outspoken

Grade C

Marco Rubio

Positives: Appealing, open-minded, youthful, and tries to connect with millenials and non-traditional music artists. Likely to connect with younger voters.


Grade B

Ben Carson

Positives: Talented, smart and savvy. Traditional conservative views that fit well with Republican party.

Negatives: Inflammatory and hostile. Doesn’t connect with those outside of the base and he is inflammatory. Beyond health care, his lack of knowledge of important governmental areas kills his presidency.

Grade D -

Carly Fiorina

Positives: Blank Slate. Can rebrand herself as an ally for main street commensurate with America

Negatives: Lacks personality and character to connect outside of traditional base. She’s likely to conjure up images of other failed republican female candidates (Sarah Palin, Michelle Backman), especially since she’s never held office.

Grade C

Mike Huckabee

Positives: Experienced, confident.

Negatives: Out of touch, polarizing.
       Grade D

Scott Walker

Positives: Decisive.

Negatives: Insensitive, indifferent, watchful

Grade D

Rick Santorum

Positives: Friendly, Experienced.

Negatives: Passive, doesn't appear to have toughness needed for this position

Grade C

Donald Trump

Positives: Personality, engaging, and Smart.

Negatives: Belligerent Inflammatory, Hostile, Unrelatable 

Grade D

Chris Christie

Positives: Driven

Negatives: Sneaky, Suspicious and bully

Grade F

Bobby Jindal

Positives: Composed, comfortable

Negatives: Weak, lacks assertion and aggressiveness

Grade D
No Rick Perry? By the way, in case you were wondering, Blue America backs Bernie Sanders for president.

The second tier



At 5:40 AM, Blogger Paranormal Searchers said...

Way to generous with the grades.

No negatives for Rubio? I can think of a truckload.

You forgot to write that Santorum is a religious nut. A Dominionist

Trump has personality? Ummm Yeah, whatever.

Forgot to say that Carson is a traitor to his party.

At 1:54 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

What about the Dem candidates?

John Puma


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